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Members can Edit their own Listings by either Claiming their Listing or thru Chamber Admin Setup.

To Setup Member Claimed Listings:

  • Add ‘Claim My Listing’ page and ‘Edit My Business’ page to your sitemap/menu.
Business Editor Menu Update

(Use the Editor Registration Form to create your ‘Claim My Listing’ page.)


When a member fills out the Editor Registration Form, an email will be sent to both the Chamber and the Business. You will need to approve the new Editor before they can begin updating their Listing. This process helps keep your Directory secure from unknown editors.

When the Editor Registration Form is completed, the Member Updater plugin creates a new WordPress User and a new ‘People’ record in the CRM.

edit my business login

Once you have approved the new Editor (see setup documentation for details), simply direct them to the ‘Edit My Business’ page to update their listing.

Once logged in, the new Editor can update all of the information related to their own Directory Listing.

See Updater form

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Chamber Admin Setup

Chamber admins can manually setup any person associated with a Business to be an Editor for that Business Listing.

Step One:

Step Two:

Create the following:

  1. A Chamber Dashboard Business record must be listed in the Directory. (Member’s business must be published.)  How to Add a New Business
  2. A People record must be created in the Chamber Dashboard CRM. How to Add a New People Record
  3. A WordPress User with the role of ‘Business Editor’ must be created.  How to Add a New WordPress User

Once these 3 pieces are in place, open the People record, connect to the Business, then connect to the User. (Be sure to click ‘Update’ to save your changes.)

Your new Business Editor can now login to the site from the ‘Edit My Business’ page and make updates to their Directory Listing.

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Member Updater Edit Form

Member Updater Edit Screen

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