Business Directory 3-Column, Single Page

Create a 3-Column, Single Page Directory

The Chamber Dashboard Business Directory plugin gives you the option to create a full Directory of all member businesses, including a customizable single business listing for each member.

However, you may prefer to display all member businesses on one page that skips the single business listing and goes directly to your member’s websites. This can be particularly useful when displaying certain categories of listings or to create a targeted local directory of resources.

  • First use the Business Directory shortcodes to choose the fields to display.
  • Next add the following shortcode to your Directory page:  (updated with your fields)

[business_directory display="url, email, phone, social_media, hours" format="grid3" image="featured"  single_link="no"]

Hint: You will need to populate and display the url (website) field to link to external sites.

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