About Chamber Dashboard

Chamber Dashboard WordPress Plugins

Chamber Dashboard is a series of free WordPress themes and plugins designed to meet the needs of Chambers of Commerce and professional membership associations.

Many Chambers of Commerce have a fairly straightforward set of needs for their websites, however it can be very expensive to create a website that meets these needs. The Chamber Dashboard plugin series are free, open-source plugins that any organization can use to create a website that includes the following features:

These four separate WordPress plugins are designed to work together as a set or individually so you can install only the features you need.

Chamber Dashboard is a collaboration between the Fremont Chamber of Commerce and WP Alchemists.  The initial development is made possible by a grant from the city of Seattle’s Only In Seattle Initiative.

Key components of the Only In Seattle Initiative:

  • Allow small businesses to grow and flourish, making a positive contribution to the city’s economic health, and,
  • Empower business owners to organize around a common vision and attract investment.

Only In Seattle logoBoth of these converge effectively with the missions of Chambers of Commerce and many neighborhood business associations.

Chamber Dashboard was fully released in early 2015.  The Business Directory plugin has been downloaded over 50,000 times, and is currently in use all over the U.S., Canada, England…even as far away as Australia!

Chamber Dashboard Internationally Used WordPress Plugin

If you are using the Chamber Dashboard series and would like to be added to our User Showcase, send us a bit of information about your site.

Chamber Dashboard was originally developed by Morgan Kay of WP Alchemists.  The plugin series is currently being developed, maintained and supported by Chandrika Sista, Nichole Betterley and Lisa Kruczynski.

Chamber Dashboard is 100% GPL, which means you are welcome to download the code, change it, and use it in any way you need.