Access Chamber Dashboard Support

How to get help with Chamber Dashboard plugins

For users of our free core membership plugins, we offer extensive documentation including step-by-step instructions, screenshots and videos. We also post information on general WordPress topics or questions most often requested by our users.  

If you have a question about Chamber Dashboard themes or plugins, that you cannot find the answer to in our documentation, we encourage you to submit a ‘Request for New Documentation’ so we can get your question answered.

For our premium theme and plugin users, we also offer a direct user-to-developer email support ticket system. This systems allows us to deliver customized support with the most current information directly to our users as quickly as possible. Tickets are reviewed by our developers and support staff.

  1. When you submit a ticket, you will receive an email confirmation.
  2. Once we have been able to review and respond to your ticket, you will receive another email with our response.

This system lets you know right away when we have sent a response without you having to log in to a separate ticket platform to see your tickets. If you have additional questions regarding your support request, you can simply reply to the email for further assistance.

How to access email support

  • From your WordPress site, login, go to Chamber Dashboard >> Support.
  • Login to your My Account Page on (using the email & password you created during purchase).
  • Click on ‘submit a support ticket’.

(Hint: You can also manage your subscriptions from the My Account pg.)

Why we don’t offer DIY user forum

Occasionally we get requests for a public user forum where our users could submit questions as well as search thru previous support topics for answers to their questions about our plugins and themes.

We want to provide current and specific information to our users so they can get their questions answered and get back to managing their members. Thru a bit of trial and error, we have found that a forum is not the best way to do this. One reason is that answers can get stale. We are continually making updates and improvements to our plugins. Submitting your questions thru our email ticketing system ensures you get the most up-to-date information. Rather than searching thru forum threads from two years ago. Another reason is that forum threads can get messy and confusing. When you are trying to figure out an issue, the last thing you need is to have to sort thru someone else’s questions and answers just to find the ones that apply to you.

Submit a Bug Report

If you need to submit a Bug Report, please use our Contact form so that our developers can investigate it. Be sure to include as much information as possible in the bug report. In order to correct the issue, we need to be able to reproduce the issue.

Here’s what to include in your bug report:

  • What I expected to happen
  • What happen instead
  • Steps to reproduce the bug

We appreciate user feedback! It not only lets us know how we can help you today,
but informs future new development of our products.

Thank you for using Chamber Dashboard!