Add Members-Only Job Board to WordPress

We frequently get asked by our users how they can add a members-only job board to their membership site. They know that offering the option to post open positions can be a valuable benefit of membership. Members can then search for jobs based on keyword or location and apply right from your site!

There are a variety of job board plugins to choose from. We like the WP Job Manager plugin because it’s free and super easy to install. PLUS, it looks great with both the Beautiful theme and Inspired theme by Chamber Dashboard!

NOTE: This tutorial assumes that you have the Business Directory plugin and the Member Manager plugin (or Member Manager Pro) by Chamber Dashboard installed & activated on a WordPress website AND that you have the Members-Only feature activated.

Add Members-Only Job Board to WordPress

Step 1: Install Job Board Plugin

  • From your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins >> Add New.
  • Do a search for job board
  • Install and activate the WP Job Manager plugin.

Step 2: Run Job Board Setup Wizard

You do not need to make any changes, just follow the steps in the wizard to create the ‘jobs’ and ‘post a job’ pages on your site.

run job board setup wizard

Step 3: Job Board Settings

You WILL need to make a change to WP Job Manager settings. Once the plugin has been activated, you will see a dashboard menu option called ‘Job Listing’. To update WP Job Manager settings:

  • Go to Job Listings >> Settings.
  • Click on the ‘Job Submission’ tab.
  • UNcheck the option for users to create an account during submission.

Using the Members-Only feature of the Chamber Dashboard Member Manager plugin, when a new member registers with your organization, a user account is already being created. This new user will have access to content on your site based on the membership level of their connected Business listing.

How to setup Membership form with Member Manager plugin.

How to activate Members-Only content in Member Manager plugin.

members only job board settings page

Additional WP Job Manager settings

Additional settings that you may want to adjust based on the needs of your organization might be:

Listing Duration (highlighted above) – Change this if you want member job postings to be displayed on your site for longer than 30 days.

Moderate New Listings (Job Submission tab) – Since you are only allowing members to post, you may want to set listings to automatically be published by UNchecking this option.

Hide Expired or Filled Listings (Job Listings tab) – Select these options to keep your site up-to-date by hiding job postings that have expired or been filled.

Notice of Expiring Listings (Email Notifications) – This option sends a notices to your member before their job listing expires.

Step 4: Restrict Access to Job Pages

NOTE: This step assumes you have activated the Members-Only content option in the Member Manager plugin.

The job board setup wizard automatically created two new pages on your site: ‘Jobs’ and ‘Post-a-Job’. We are going to restrict access to the ‘Jobs’ page so that it can only be seen by members of your organization.

Then we will restrict access to the ‘Post-a-Job’ page to only those members who have purchased a membership level that includes job posting as part of their member benefits. For example, perhaps you have 2 membership levels: corporate & small business. But only members at the corporate level are allowed to post jobs.

  • First go to Pages >> ‘Post-a-Job’ to edit the ‘Post-a-Job’ page.
  • Restrict access to this page to only those members at the corporate membership level.
  • Click ‘update’ to save your changes.
  • Copy the page URL.
  • Then go to Pages >> Jobs to edit the ‘Jobs’ page.
  • Add a link on the ‘Jobs’ page back to the ‘Post-a-Job’ page.
  • Then restrict access to the ‘Job’s page by ALL membership levels.
  • Update the page to save your changes.

Now all of your members will be able to see the ‘Jobs’ page, but only those members at the corporate level will be able to access the ‘Post-a-Job’ page.

Step 5: Add Jobs Page to Site Menu

Lastly, let’s make it easy for your members to find your jobs board by adding it to the menu of your WordPress site.

  • Go to Appearance >> Menus.
  • Select the Jobs page and ‘Add to Menu’.
  • Be sure to save your changes!

Great job!

You now have a members-only job board on your membership site. When members click on the ‘Jobs’ link from your site menu, they will first be redirected to login to your site.

Once a member logs in, they will be able to see all jobs that have been posted.

Add members-only job board page to WordPress site menu
job board

NOTE: The WP Job Manager plugin is not created or maintained by Chamber Dashboard. This information is provide for your convenience. If you have questions about this plugin, please contact the plugin’s author directly. Getting support for free themes & plugins.

Best Practices

  • Always make a full backup of your site before making updates or changes.
  • Set up a staging site for testing so that you can test without disturbing your live site.
  • Always test your site’s performance thoroughly before going live. Especially when adding a new plugin to your WordPress installation.

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