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Chamber Dashboard is a series of WordPress plugins designed to work together, so you can easily add features to your site that make it easier to run your Chamber of Commerce or membership organization efficiently and effectively without purchasing expensive membership software.

We recognize that these plugins are only the beginning of creating a website that fully supports your organization's mission to grow membership and leverage your website to better engage your local community. So we are also creating Addons that expand your toolkit to serve your members, including additional plugins, installation and site building servicesand priority support!

Business Directory Extensions

Through an amazing team with a vision and a grant from the 'Only in Seattle' project,
our core plugins are available for free. (Business Directory, CRM, Member Manager and Event Calendar)

Download them below or directly from the plugin repository.

Business Directory

 Create a directory of member businesses on your WordPress website. Make it easy to find and do business with your members.

 Member Updater

Create a more robust directory by letting your members claim & update their own business directory listings.


 Personalize and customize your relationships with members. Improve customer service and increase revenue opportunities.

CRM Importer

Importing hundreds of contacts?

Let CRM Importer save you hours of data entry.

Member Manager

 Grow your member base with 24/7 online registrationand membership renewal. Join Now form linked to Business Directory.

Recurring Payments

 Auto-generate annual invoices, automate email reminders, add recurring payments option.

Advanced Exporter

Export member businesses, contacts, paid or unpaid invoices. Create customized datasheets for reporting.

Events Calendar

From business owners to residents to tourists, position your Chamber as the GO-TO site for events in your community.

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