Add WordPress review plugin to Business Directory

Displaying star ratings and user generated comments gives your members an opportunity to shine. Testimonials are authentic feedback that will resonate with your visitors and also gives your site an SEO boost!

There are many sites, including Google Places, Google Local Search, Yahoo & Bing, that are crawling the web for user-generated reviews. Which means that these comments could potentially provide additional links to your site as well.

There are a variety of free WordPress review plugins that you can add to your Business Directory. You can find them by doing a search in the WordPress Plugin Repository. We encourage you to try some out to see which ones work best for your organization.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to setup and install one of our favorites, WP Customer Reviews.

We like this plugin for several reasons, it works well with our Business Directory listings (although you can also use it on WordPress blog posts and WooCommerce products), you moderate comments, so you can choose what is displayed on your site AND it looks great right out of the box.

Add a WordPress review plugin to a Business Directory

  • Go to Plugins >> Add New.
  • Install & activate WP Customer Reviews plugin.
  • Go to Businesses and open a Business listing.
  • Scroll down to the WP Customer Reviews meta box.
  • Enable reviews for the page.

The review option will now be displayed on this Business listing.

Add WordPress review plugin to Business Directory

That’s it! You can now encourage your site visitors to share their thoughts and engage with your members by leaving a star rating and a testimonial about their Business listing.

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