Scottsville Chamber of Commerce

Scottsville Chamber of Commerce using Chamber Dashboard plugins

Chamber Dashboard User Showcase   Benefits & Time Saved “The Greater Scottsville Chamber of Commerce is a small organization with only 66 members.  All time provided to tracking membership is volunteer and, over the years, as various people assumed this responsibility, many errors occurred resulting in poorly maintained records. After an extensive search for … Read more

WordPress Dashboard Filter Posts by Category

Post filtering options in WordPress dashboard To filter your Business Directory Listings, go to Businesses >> All Businesses. From the admin businesses or people screen you can filter by category, membership level, connected people, etc.  Click on the category and WordPress will automatically show you only the businesses in that category. Before clicking on ‘Drinks & … Read more

Chamber Dashboard Plugins Need PHP v7.0+

Update WordPress php version

The Chamber Dashboard plugins need PHP version 7.0 or higher to run properly.  Before installing or updating your Chamber Dashboard plugins, you may want to check with your website host to see what version of PHP your site is running on. What version of PHP your host is running? As the owner of a WordPress … Read more

Member claimed Business Directory listings

Claim your directory listing, Chamber Dashboard plugins for WordPress - benjamin-child-20186 v2

Use this WordPress plugin to let your members claim & update their Business Directory listings As your organization grows, keeping membership listings updated can become a big job.  Having an up-to-date Business Directory is one of the most valuable resources on your website and offering member claimed Business Directory listings and letting members make their … Read more

What Version of WordPress Are You Using

How to Check your WordPress Version It’s a good idea to keep your WordPress version up-to-date. Using the most current version of WordPress helps keep your site secure.  You can easily see which version of WordPress you are using by logging in to the admin area of your WordPress site. Click on Dashboard from the … Read more

New Custom Chamber Theme Release

Chamber Beautiful WordPress Theme for Membership Groups crp

Chamber Dashboard is proud to announce the release of ‘Chamber-Beautiful’! Chamber Beautiful is a responsive multipurpose WordPress theme designed especially for Chambers and membership organizations. This theme is built for simplicity and ease of use. It has a clean, professional look that will make your site stand out. Chamber Beautiful is specifically written to support … Read more

Latest Release of Business Directory

Chamber Dashboard Business Directory map display

Alpha Order Search Results Version 2.8.7, when using the Search Widget, search results will now automatically display in the alphabetical order. To display your Business Directory in alpha order, simply use the orderby parameter.  For example: [business_directory orderby=”name”]  More tips to alphabetizing your Directory… See the Search Widget in Action… Adjust the Height of Map Display … Read more

Create a 3-Column, Single Page Directory

Business Directory 3-Column, Single Page

The Chamber Dashboard Business Directory plugin gives you the option to create a full Directory of all member businesses, including a customizable single business listing for each member. However, you may prefer to display all member businesses on one page that skips the single business listing and goes directly to your member’s websites. This can … Read more

WordPress 4.6 & CD Member Manager

WordPress 4.6 Update

Chamber Dashboard Member Manager Update WordPress has just updated to version 4.6.  If you are using the Chamber Dashboard Member Manager plugin, please note that we have just released an update which should be installed BEFORE updating to WordPress 4.6. If you happen to do these updates in reverse order and are getting an error, … Read more

Membership Directory: Multiple Location Listings

add location - Business Directory plugin - multiple location listing

For the members listings in your Business Directory with multiple locations, simply click ‘Add a Location’ to show multiple locations on one business listing page. Hint: To make each location searchable and show up on its own page, create a separate listing for each.    Visit our Documentation pages for more details.

Learning CSS for WordPress

Learn CSS for WordPress, photoby-peter-clarkson

Create beautiful WordPress websites: Where to learn CSS If you are looking for online resources to learn CSS, you’ll find all sorts of options.  Simply search ‘learn CSS and you’ll find tons of free tutorials as well as snippets of CSS, many of them even give visual examples of what the code will do. Here … Read more