Member Submitted Events


Looking for ways to build traffic and increase engagement for your association’s website? Look no further! The Member Updater WordPress plugin now lets you give members access to submit their own events to your online community calendar. When a member submits an event, the site admin will receive an email notification. The admin can follow … Read more Member Submitted Events

Create a WordPress Newsletter Archive


Members-Only newsletter archive on WordPress website Creating a newsletter archive can be as simple as creating a new page on your WordPress website and then linking to PDF copies of your newsletter. In this tutorial, we’ll take you step-by-step thru the process. NOTE: If your newsletters are strictly for subscribers, you can restrict access to … Read more Create a WordPress Newsletter Archive

How to setup member to member deals page in WordPress

member to member deals image, Business Directory, WordPress plugin

‘M2M’ Member-to-Member Deals Offering exclusive content is an excellent way to add value for your members. Joining a professional organization typically includes a free subscription to their newsletter. Including free copies or discounts on industry related journals, video tutorials, books, white papers, etc., makes membership in your organization even more attractive to both current and … Read more How to setup member to member deals page in WordPress

How to track member logins in WordPress

tracking member logins, themes, plugins for WordPress - photo by Sincerely Media

So you’ve setup member login and members-only content on your site. How will you know if your members are actually logging in to your site to access this content? In this tutorial we’ll show you how to track member logins on your WordPress website. Tracking member engagement gives you valuable insight into how your members … Read more How to track member logins in WordPress

Add star ratings to directory listings

Displaying star ratings and user generated comments gives your members an opportunity to shine. Testimonials are authentic feedback that will resonate with your visitors and also gives your site an SEO boost! There are many sites, including Google Places, Google Local Search, Yahoo & Bing, that are crawling the web for user-generated reviews. Which means … Read more Add star ratings to directory listings