23 Member perks ideas for chambers & associations


Low-cost member perks ideas to attract new members Merchants associations and chambers of commerce primarily exist to gather entrepreneurs, who voluntarily help each other and the business community as a whole. With a focus on shared values and common goals, membership in these types or organizations are an invaluable asset to one’s business. These Main … Read more

How to add a WordPress Advertising Plugin to your association or chamber website

How do I advertise on WordPress? Displaying ads on your membership site can be an excellent source of revenue for your organization. Two of the most common options for advertising on an association website, are Google AdSense and direct member advertising. Either of these can be added to your site using a free widget that … Read more

9 gorgeous Directory design ideas to inspire you


Looking for responsive, modern Business Directory layout ideas for your association website? We’ve got you covered. Adding a Directory to your website is an excellent way to provide value to your members. In this article, we have pulled together some easy to recreate Business Directory layout ideas to get you started. Benefits of adding a … Read more

7 cost-effective ways to welcome new members


For business networking groups, merchant associations and chambers How do you welcome new members? 7 ways to welcome new members and get them engaged right away How to create a welcome new member process When should we start our member onboarding process? Designing a warm welcome for new members is a perfect opportunity to demonstrate … Read more

What Version of WordPress Are You Using

How to Check your WordPress Version It’s a good idea to keep your WordPress version up-to-date. Using the most current version of WordPress helps keep your site secure.  You can easily see which version of WordPress you are using by logging in to the admin area of your WordPress site. Click on Dashboard from the … Read more

Create a 3-Column, Single Page Directory

Business Directory 3-Column, Single Page

The Chamber Dashboard Business Directory plugin gives you the option to create a full Directory of all member businesses, including a customizable single business listing for each member. However, you may prefer to display all member businesses on one page that skips the single business listing and goes directly to your member’s websites. This can … Read more

Membership Directory: Multiple Location Listings

add location - Business Directory plugin - multiple location listing

For the members listings in your Business Directory with multiple locations, simply click ‘Add a Location’ to show multiple locations on one business listing page. Hint: To make each location searchable and show up on its own page, create a separate listing for each.    Visit our Documentation pages for more details.

Learning CSS for WordPress

Learn CSS for WordPress, photoby-peter-clarkson

Create beautiful WordPress websites: Where to learn CSS If you are looking for online resources to learn CSS, you’ll find all sorts of options.  Simply search ‘learn CSS and you’ll find tons of free tutorials as well as snippets of CSS, many of them even give visual examples of what the code will do. Here … Read more

Chamber of Commerce Business Directory Categories

categories for chamber of commerce, photoby-mar-newhall

Updated: Sept 2018 Adding a Business Directory to your membership website is a great way to create value for your members as well as your organization. Online listings strengthen business reputation, increase brand awareness and boost SEO for both the member and the Chamber. Here are 3 steps to get your directory up and running … Read more

Record Board Meeting Notes & Attendees

The Chamber Dashboard CRM makes it easy to store board meeting minutes plus gives you the ability to: Easily search for past decisionsWho decided the banner should be blue? When did we update that sponsor description? What topics did we discuss at the last board retreat? Quickly find the information you need. See which board … Read more