Chamber of Commerce Business Directory Categories

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Updated: Sept 2018 Adding a Business Directory to your membership website is a great way to create value for your members as well as your organization. Online listings strengthen business reputation, increase brand awareness and boost SEO for both the member and the Chamber. Here are 3 steps to get your directory up and running … Read moreChamber of Commerce Business Directory Categories

Finding the Best Member Management Software

If you have been searching for a Member Management software program for your association, you already know it can be challenging to find the right tools to help keep track of members payments and renewals, get shared access to member data, keep track of key contacts, all while giving your members the best value for … Read moreFinding the Best Member Management Software

Record Board Meeting Notes & Attendees

The Chamber Dashboard CRM makes it easy to store board meeting minutes plus gives you the ability to: Easily search for past decisionsWho decided the banner should be blue? When did we update that sponsor description? What topics did we discuss at the last board retreat? Quickly find the information you need. See which board … Read moreRecord Board Meeting Notes & Attendees