Hide sidebars from Business Directory listings

Hide sidebars from Business Directory pages 2

Depending on the look you are creating for your membership site, you may want to hide sidebars from Business Directory listings pages for a cleaner look. In this tutorial will demonstrate how to use the free version of a very powerful WordPress plugin called ‘Content Aware Sidebars‘ to hide the content from the sidebars on … Read more

How to clear WordPress cache

Clear Cache WordPress Website(1)

Ever made an update to your WordPress website, but it didn’t show up right away? You may be looking at a “cached” version of the page. You’ll be less frustrated if you clear WordPress cache following the steps below so you can see the updated version of your page. A cache is data that is … Read more

WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg Block Editor

WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg updates_photoby-zachary-nelson

WordPress 5.0 is here! This new version of WP brings BIG changes to the WordPress editor. A new editor, Gutenberg, which was released as a plugin earlier this year, will now be part of WordPress core. This will make writing, editing and building simple layouts much easier. As always with new changes and improvements come … Read more

Find Best Free WordPress Themes

Finding best free WordPress themes

Choosing the Best Free Theme for your Membership Site This is a challenging task!  There are thousands of free themes online these days. How will you narrow down the choices, avoid pitfalls and choose the theme that will make your membership site successful? We’ve created this resource to help you find the best free WordPress … Read more

6 Ideas for local SEO marketing for associations

Increase Local Website Traffic, photoby-ellyot-588064-unsplash

Increase traffic to association & chamber websites Here are ideas for local SEO marketing for associations and chambers of commerce that you can put into action today to increase traffic to your site. Your website is the key to positioning your chamber or membership organization as THE GO-TO RESOURCE for information about your local community. … Read more

Business Directory SEO

SEO for Business Directories, Chamber Dashboard, photoby-jakob-owens

How to improve SEO for your membership site & get more visitors by creating quality business directory listings, including robust descriptions, interactive media, outbound links, engaging titles and more. Read more

WordPress Gutenberg and Chamber Dashboard

Gutenberg category link Chamber Dashboard Business Directory

Using Gutenberg with Chamber Dashboard plugins Chamber Dashboard Business Directory Dashboard Classic Layout Business Referral Location Social Media Links Billing Information Connected People Logo Upload Excerpt Custom Fields HINT: If all of these fields are not visible, click on ‘Screen Options’ upper right to display. Activating Gutenberg Plugin HINT: Even with the Gutenberg plugin activated, … Read more

How to prep your site for Gutenberg

New WordPress post editing features with Gutenberg

Give Gutenberg a Try! In the next few days, WordPress 4.9.8 is scheduled to be released. It will include the option to ‘Give Gutenberg a Try’ (external link), which will automatically install the Gutenberg plugin.   Gutenberg refers to big changes to the WordPress editor.  These changes currently exist as a plugin, however based on … Read more

Chamber Dashboard and GDPR

GDPR data protection rules, photoby-oliver-shou

 What is GDPR and how does it affect my WordPress website? Hopefully by now, you are aware that on May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (external link) recently enacted by the EU will come into effect. This new law applies to all companies collecting data belonging to EU citizens, even if this … Read more

Chamber Dashboard Friendly Plugins

Did you know that there are thousands of plugins in the WordPress ecosystem? This is great news for you because it means tons of new features that you can add to your website without even having to learn any code! More good news, the Chamber Dashboard themes and plugins are designed to work with as … Read more

What is Gutenberg Anyway?

WordPress Gutenberg plugin, photoby-jeshoots

What is Gutenberg for WordPress? You may be a WordPress developer building WordPress websites for a living or a Chamber or membership organization focused on building your numbers and engaging your members. Either way, if you are using WordPress, you should be aware that Gutenberg is on its way. Depending on who you talk to, … Read more

How to hide a WordPress page title

Need to hide a WordPress page title for your page or post? By default, WordPress displays the title of every page. Page titles can be useful for drawing your user’s attention, as well, they provide a definite SEO benefit. However, there are times when you might not want to use a page title. For example … Read more