Chamber Dashboard CRM Plugin Released!

We’re excited to announce that the Chamber Dashboard CRM plugin is now available for download!

Chamber Dashboard CRM’s current features list allows you to:

  • Create a database of the people in your organization
  • Works with Chamber Dashboard Business Directory so you can associate member records with businesses
  • Track member activities, such as meeting attendance, event attendance, conversations, donations, etc.
  • Note: members and their information will not be displayed publicly on the site – this plugin is for your organization’s internal use.

Check out our plugins pages to download the Chamber Dashboard CRM here.

This plugin helps you to keep track of your contacts with your membership. It is compatible with the entire suite of Chamber Dashboard plugins and works with almost every existing WordPress theme.  The CRM plugin allows you to enter information about your members and connect them with your list of member businesses. We will be adding more features to it soon, such as the ability to add custom fields and download reports.