Chamber Dashboard Friendly Plugins

Did you know that there are thousands of plugins in the WordPress ecosystem? This is great news for you because it means tons of new features that you can add to your website without even having to learn any code! More good news, the Chamber Dashboard themes and plugins are designed to work with as many other WordPress plugins as possible.

We recommend using the WordPress Plugin Repository when selecting new plugins to add features to your site. For your convenience, we have compiled a short list of features (plugins) frequently requested by our users. We have installed these on sites using Chamber Dashboard themes and plugins with great results.

Note: These plugins are not written by Chamber Dashboard , so we cannot provide support for them. However, all of these plugins have excellent support teams, so if you have questions about them, do visit the plugin’s support page or reach out to them directly for more information.

If you are using a plugin on your Chamber Dashboard site that you think belongs on this list, contact us and let us know!

It’s important to note that not all plugins play well together. If you installed a new plugin or theme on your Chamber Dashboard site and have started to notice issues, first thing to do is test for a plugin conflict. This will give you valuable information that the plugin developer can use to help you troubleshoot your issue.