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The Chamber Dashboard series of plugins require very little setup to get started. Check out our 5 Min. Setup Guide, choose a topic below or visit the  Chamber Dashboard Plugins for Membership Organizations Chamber Dashboard Main Settings page in your installation to configure the basic options.  View documentation for premium plugins or Chamber Beautiful Theme.

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Business Directory

Chamber Dashboard CRM

 Member Manager


 Getting Started


 Add a New Business

 Import CSV File

 Add New Business – How To Video

 Displaying the Business Directory on Your Site

 Display a List of Business Categories

 Single Business View

 Creating your own template to display single businesses

 Display a Search Form

 Change Number of Search Results

 Display Maps

 Change Map Icons

 Feature a Business on Your Website


 Getting Started

(Note: CRM is primarily for internal use)

 Create a New Contact

  Add New Contact – How To Video

 Add an Activity to a Contact’s Record

 Connect a Contact to a Business

 Display CRM Contacts in Business Directory

 Record Board Meeting Notes & Attendees

 Display a List of People on your website

 Create a ‘Meet the Board’ page on your website

 Download a ‘Call Sheet’




 Getting Started

 How Invoicing Works

 Setup Member Manager

 Display Membership Levels

 Keep your Business Directory Current

 Display Membership Levels on your Website

 Display New Member Sign-up Form on Website

 Create an Invoice

 Email an Invoice to a Member

 Test My Setup

Events Calendar

Trouble Shoot

Common Questions


 Add an Event

  Add an Event – How To Video

 Display Event Calendar on your Website

 Update Event Location

 Link Event to Ticket Sales


Getting a 404 Error

Alphabetize Business Directory

Map Marker Not in the Right Place

More trouble shooting…

Documentation for Paid Extensions

Chamber Beautiful Theme Documentation


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