Connect to Mailchimp Newsletter Signup

One of the easiest ways to grow your email mailing list is to encourage Mailchimp newsletter signup for all new members during the registration process.

Capture email at registration

Using the Chamber Dashboard Member Manager plugin and our Mailchimp plugin, you can easily add a Mailchimp newsletter signup option to your membership form. Visit our documentation page for details.

Add a signup form to your WordPress site

Another option is to add a newsletter signup form in the footer or sidebar of your website. For this you will need both a forms plugin and a Mailchimp addon. Below we’ll walk you thru the steps to add a form to your site’s footer using the free Formidable Forms (external link) plugin and paid Formidable Mailchimp addon to connect to your Mailchimp account.

Install Formidable Forms

Install Formidable Forms for WordPress

From your WordPress dashboard:

  • Go to Plugins >> Add New.
  • Do a search for Formidable Forms.
  • Install & activate the plugin.

Create a newsletter signup form

  • Go to Formidable >> Add New.
  • Create a newsletter signup form with name and email fields only.
  • Go to Appearance >> Widgets and add the Formidable widget to your site’s footer.

Connect your form to Mailchimp newsletter signup

Create a Mailchimp API key for WordPress

First you will need an API from your Mailchimp account in order to send submissions from your form to your Mailchimp email list. To create an API key:

  • Login to your Mailchimp account.
  • Click on ‘Profile’ under your name.
  • Under ‘Extras’, click on ‘API keys’.
  • Click on the ‘Create a key’ button to generate a key.
How to easily add a Mailchimp newsletter signup option to your membership form

Test your setup

Once the newsletter signup form on your site is connected to your Mailchimp email list, it’s a good idea to test your setup by filling out the form on your site and then logging in to your Mailchimp account to make sure your email was added.