Create Meet the Team Page in WordPress

Use this WordPress plugin to create free ‘Meet the Team’ page for your Association

Whether your organization is volunteer run, full-time or part-time staff, or some combination, adding a ‘Meet the Team’ page to your WordPress website is a great way to show your appreciation for their hard work by recognizing them on your website.

The free CRM plugin makes it easy to create a meet the team or meet the board page to your site without any coding. A team page brings credibility and personality to your organization. Plus, a team page makes your staff more accessible to your members by including contact information. The CRM plugin includes several display options so that you can choose what works best for your organization.

Why have a meet the team page?

Your team is the heart of your membership association. They set the tone for welcoming new and potential members. They help make a positive first impression. The strength of any organization relies on the strength of the relationships between staff and membership. Having an awesome meet the team page is a key first step toward building strong relationships with your members and developing a loyal member base.

Both new and potential members are curious to meet your team. Adding a ‘meet the team page’
to your site is a great way to start the introductions. Plus it’s a great way to proudly recognize
the invaluable contribution your team brings to delivering your mission.

Visitors often look for the about us and meet the team pages first to step toward getting a sense for what your association is all about.

  • New members will visit this page to start getting familiar with your staff.
  • Existing members will visit this page as an easy reference for direct contact information.
  • From any perspective, the meet the team page is a useful resource to have on your website.

Meet the team page design

There are a variety of ways to introduce your team on your website from adding a single group shot, to posting individual team photos. An effective meet the team page design gives the visitor a sense of who the team members are and what they bring to the table. Adding a meet the team page to your site makes your staff seem more accessible, makes it easier, especially for new members to connect with your staff and get to know who they are.

Create a professional looking design for your team page

You do not need a lot of complicated code to create a clean, sophisticated design for your meet the team page. Start by making sure that all of your photos are clear and well lit. Next crop your images so that they are all the same size and orientation. Using a mixture of portrait & landscape layouts can cause your page to look muddled.

All photos should be clear, well lit and the same size

Creating a meet the team page is a great way to develop an emotional connection with your members. Team member photos do not need to be stiff and formal, showing a bit of personality makes your staff more relatable.

If you can, use professional photographs. A professional photog knows how to position both the lighting and the subject to get the best shot.

If you are not using a professional photographer, be sure to set clear size requirements on photos submitted for the team page. For example: photos must be cropped to square, no smaller than 800px by 800px.

A simple way to create a cohesive look is to have the photog use a similar background for all photos.

If your group is less formal, have everyone wear the same color, or a polo with your association’s logo. Give some thought to the message your headshots are sending. Your team page design should visually echo your organization’s mission and philosophy. If your group is laid back, there is no reason not to have fun with your team page photos, share the human side of the team.

Keep bios short and to the point

Keep the copy simple and engaging. No need to include each employee’s full bio, just enough to highlight some of their unique personality. Sharing an interest or hobby or two is a great way to give shy new members a starting point for conversation as well.

Or, skip the bios… If you have a writer on staff who can work with each team member to create brief, yet interesting bios, great! But if not, don’t stress. Simply encourage your staff to let their personality shine thru in their photo.

create meet the team page in WordPress-similar-background

How to create a meet the team page in WordPress

In the WordPress tutorial below, we’ll show you how to create a responsive ‘Meet the Team’ page using the CRM plugin from This plugin lets you create a gorgeous team page design, without any coding.

Or, if you are ready to take your design up a notch, visit our documentation for some quick CSS snippets that you can easily add to your site.

Step 1: Requirements for a meet the team page

Before you start, at a minimum, you’ll want to have the following for each staff or board member:

  • Name
  • Position
  • Contact Info (email, phone or both)
  • Bio (not required, but if you are including bios, keep them short)
  • Category
  • Photo

NOTE: Using photos that are all the same size will keep your page layout uniform and consistent.

Step 2: Create a CRM listing for each team member

The CRM plugin connects to the Business Directory plugin giving you a shared database where you can track interactions with contacts related to each Business listing. While the CRM plugin does require the Business Directory plugin in order to run, contacts can be entered into your CRM even if they are not connected to a Business listing.

This gives you the option to track board meeting notes, interactions with board members, potential members or event sponsors, even staff members can be entered into your CRM database.

Once you have installed the Business Directory and installed the CRM plugin, create a meet the team page by first creating a CRM / People record for each staff member you want to display on the page.

To create a meet the board page, create a People record for each board member.

  • From your site’s dashboard, go to People >> Add New.
  • Enter the team member’s name as the title.
  • Add the photo as the featured image of the People record.
  • Add a category. Creating People categories will allow you to easily sort your contacts into useful groups. ie. board members, staff, current members, potential members, sponsors, etc.
  • It will also let you filter the records to be displayed on your meet the team page.

More details on creating a CRM People record here.

Step 3: Design your meet the team page

Once you have a People record created for each staff member, you are ready to create your meet the team page design.

  • Go to Pages >> Add New to create a new page.
  • Add the ‘Display People’ block to your page.
  • Set the number of columns you want to use.
    • Note that you can add more than one ‘Display People’ block to a page. Each block has its own settings, so you can use 2 column display for one, and 3 column display for another.
  • Select the categories of People that should be displayed.
  • Under display options, select the fields to be displayed.
  • Add any additional features such as headings, mission statements, general introduction, etc. to your page as desired.
  • Publish your page.
  • Add your new page to your site’s menu.

More details on designing your meet the team page in WordPress here.

Meet the team page design examples

Meet the staff & meet the board combo page

Using rounded images

Using staff photos only


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