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How do I activate my license key?

For instructions on activating your Chamber Dashboard theme & plugin license keys, please see this article.

Why can’t I activate my new license?

If you have just purchased your theme or plugin but cannot activate your license, please check the following:

  • The license key that you have entered matches the theme or plugin you purchased. If you are using more than one Chamber Dashboard plugin, check to be sure the license you are using matches the plugin you are trying to activate.
  • (Find your license key on your My Account page to double check.)
  • Check to make sure there are no extra spaces before or after the key.
  • Copy/paste the key into the licenses page, click ‘save changes’, then activate your key.
Activate license

Update not showing or update failed

Can’t update plugin or theme

If you are trying to update a plugin or theme and you see the following message:

Update Failed: Download failed. Unauthorized

or if you think there is an update, but the update is not showing,

Here are the steps to troubleshoot:

  1. License Key Entered: Check to be sure your license key is entered and activated. Once you have entered your license key, try the update again.
    • To enter Theme License: Go to Appearance >> Themes >> Theme License
    • To enter Plugin License: Go to Chamber Dashboard >> Licenses
  2. Refresh Connection: – If your license key is already entered, try deactivating & then reactivating it. Then try the update again.
  3. Expired License Key: If your license key has expired, visit your My Account page on ChamberDashboard.com to renew.
  4. Exceeded Activation Limit: You may have reached the activation limit for your license key. For example, you may have changed domains when moving from development to the live version of your site.
    • Deactivate your license from your development site.
    • Then activate on your live site.
    • If you are unsure where your license key is currently activated, login to the My Account page. Go to License Keys >> View Licenses >> Manage Sites.

When does my license renew?

Licenses renew automatically one calendar year after the date of purchase. You can see the exact renewal date of your license(s) from the subscriptions page.

Working in a development environment

If you are building your site on a domain other than your live domain. www.yoursite.com/newsite for example. Be sure to deactivate your license from www.yoursite.com/newsite before activating it on www.yoursite.com.

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