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Manage Subscriptions

How do I manage my Chamber Dashboard theme & plugin subscriptions?

You can manage your Chamber Dashboard plugin licenses from your WordPress installation by logging into your site and going to Chamber Dashboard >> Licenses page.

You can also manage your licenses from the ‘My Account’ page of ChamberDashboard.com.

View license keys / re-download the most up-to-date version

To see which sites your license is activated on, click on ‘License Keys’ on the right-hand side of the page. Here you will find a list of all purchased plugins.

manage plugin license 1 - Chamber Dashboard WordPress plugin

Activate / deactivate theme & plugins licenses

To view your license key, or activate or deactivate your license key from a site (frequently used to deactivate a license from a development site), click on ‘View Licenses’ then ‘Manage Sites’.

manage plugin license 2 - Chamber Dashboard WordPress plugin

From here you can deactivate or activate a license as needed.

manage plugin license 3 - Chamber Dashboard WordPress plugin

Canceling Your Subscription

If you no longer wish to be able to update or maintain your license, you can cancel your subscription by going to My Account / Subscriptions. From there, you can cancel or renew your subscription as needed.

Please note that in doing this, you will no longer receive important security or feature updates to your plugin or theme.

cancel subscription
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