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Where do I download my invoice?

A copy of your invoice was emailed to you immediately after purchase. You can download your invoice at any time by following these steps:

  1. Log into My Account.
  2. Click on Available Downloads >> Download Invoice.
  3. Click on the relevant invoice to download a printable PDF.

Are renewals billed automatically?

Yes. Your Chamber Dashboard theme & plugin licenses will automatically renew one calendar year from the initial purchase. This allows you to continue receiving access to new features, bug fixes, add-on updates, and product support.

Can I update my payment method?

Yes. Login to your My Account page and scroll down to ‘Manage Payment Methods’ to update the payment method for your account.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes. We will be happy to offer a refund within 14 days of your initial purchase should you decide that Chamber Dashboard does not meet your project’s needs. See our refund policy here.

By purchasing Chamber Dashboard themes or plugins, you agree to the terms & conditions.

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