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Hide Featured Image

How can I hide the featured image on my Business Directory listings?

Whether or not the featured image shows on a post is determined by the theme. Some themes give you the option to choose whether or not to display the featured image on your posts. This setting will usually apply to the Business listings as well.

If not, you can use CSS to hide the featured image on your business listing pages.

The specific bit of CSS code you need to hide the featured image can vary from theme to theme, but the general idea is to find the specific selectors used for the post image and then add this bit of CSS to hide it.

Try adding this bit of CSS to your Customizer or child theme:

.entry-thumbnail img { display: none; }

Remove double featured image on Business listing

If the featured image for the Business is being displayed twice, and you cannot adjust this using the theme’s settings, try this CSS snippet in your Customizer:

.business-template-default .featured-media-inner { display:none; }
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