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Recommended Image Sizes

Recommended image & logo sizes for Business Directory

There is no standard size for logos in your Business Directory.  As you can see in our User Showcase, it really depends on how your Directory is laid out, whether you are using the business logo or featured image in your Directory and the overall look you are going for, that determine what size logo you should use.

The size of your images can also be affected by the layout or number of columns that you use to display your Directory. (more about column display)

The best way to give your Directory a sleek, professional look is to be consistent in your image sizing. Whether you are using the business logo or the featured image, making sure they are all the same size will give your Directory a clean, uniform look.

To display the featured image in your Directory, add the image parameter to your [business_directory] shortcode as shown in this example:

Example: [business_directory image="featured"]

See more image display options

Image / Logo Alignment

Default logo & featured image alignment

Both the featured image and logo will default to left alignment for grid2 and centered for grid3 & grid4.

#business img.logo, #businesslist img.logo {display: block; float: none; margin: 0 auto; text-align: center; width: 200px; height: 200px; }

More spacing / alignment options

Responsive Directory Images

The Business Directory is mobile-friendly. That is it will automatically resize based on the viewer’s screen size. Also, your image will be resized based on which grid format you are using.

You can also specify the size of the image by adding this bit of CSS to your customizer, keeping in mind that the image is limited to 50% of the width of the column.

#businesslist img.logo { width: 250px; }

Setup columns for Business Directory display

Set default featured image

Setting a default featured image for your Business Directory listings can be a great way to encourage your members to update their listing…find out how.

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