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Fonts & Icons

Increase font size: Directory listing title

To make the font size of the Directory listing title larger,

Add this bit of CSS to your Customizer:

.business h3 { font-size: 30px; }
CSS business directory title_before
CSS business directory title_larger2

Increase font size: search results page

To make the font size of the Directory listing title larger on your Search Results Page

Add this bit of CSS to your Customizer:

#search-results .business h3 {font-size: 30px;font-weight: bold; }

search results biz font I
search results biz font II

Add Font Awesome Icons to Business Directory

If you are using a Chamber Dashboard theme, Font Awesome icons are already built-in to your Business Directory display. 

If you are using a different theme, you will need a Font Awesome plugin and a bit of CSS code to add Font Awesome icons to your Directory. Once you have selected and installed a Font Awesome plugin, add this bit of code to your Customizer:

.phone a:before {content: "\f095 :"; font: normal normal normal 15px/0.9 FontAwesome; margin-right: 4px; color: #a50950; }

.email a:before {...

.website a:before {...

.address:before {...

[ NOTE: Address is not a link. Do not include the ‘a’. ]

Change the “\f095 to any Font Awesome icon you want! – Find CSS values for all Font Awesome icons

add font awesome icons

Change font / Add fonts to your theme


Use a plugin to add Google Fonts to any WordPress website

You can add additional fonts to any theme using one of several free plugins in the WordPress Plugin Repo (external link). To find the plugin that works best for your project, go to the Repo and do a search for ‘fonts’.

For example, simply installing and activating the Google Fonts plugin (external link), automatically adds a Google Font feature to your customizer.

From here you can take your site from the theme’s default font to any Google font you want!

Select a site-wide font, or use the plugin’s more advanced features to set the font for each heading.

Take your site

From this…

Default Font


To this…

Choose any Google Font

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