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Modify Single Business Template

Create your own template to display single businesses

By default, the Business Directory plugin will use the same template to display individual Business listings as your theme uses to display single blog posts.  This is the most reliable way to make the Business Directory work with any theme, but the single business view might include some information you don’t want to display (such as the date the business was entered into the site, and the comments form).  If you want to create your own template to display the single business view, you can create a new file in your theme called single-business.php.

  • First, instead of editing your existing theme, you should create a child theme.
  • In your child theme folder, create a new file called single-business.php.
  • Copy the contents of your theme’s single.php file into single-business.php.
  • Edit the theme file to remove the comments template, or whatever other information you want to remove or add.
  • As long as your single-business.php file contains the function the_content(); your business information will display correctly.

Easier Option: Install the Chamber Beautiful theme which is specifically designed for the Chamber Dashboard plugins.

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