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Chamber Dashboard & GDPR

Are Chamber Dashboard plugins GDPR Compliant?

All data collected by Chamber Dashboard plugins is stored in the WordPress database for the website where the plugins are installed. No member data is collected or stored on the ChamberDashboard.com website. If you have members or website visitors who are EU citizens, your organization is responsible for their data and should follow the steps above. Below are the answers to some commonly asked questions regarding Chamber Dashboard plugins and GDPR.

How can I gain explicit consent from new member and new editors?

The Member Manager ‘Join Now’ form includes an optional consent statement. Activate GDPR Consent in Chamber Dashboard.

How can I prevent CD plugin from storing data?

CD plugins store data in your site’s WP database to be displayed in your Business Directory. The Business Directory cannot be used without storing data. Members who do not wish to have their data stored, should not enter their data at all.

How can my members view their CD data?

Your members can view their Directory Listing or register to view and edit their data with the Member Updater plugin.

How can my members edit their CD data?

Using Member Updater plugin, your members can register to edit their data as needed.

How can my members request a copy of their CD data?

Depending on which Chamber Dashboard plugins you are using, user data may be located in several places. We recommend adding the Exporter plugin to your site so that you can export member data as needed.

How can my members delete their CD data?

Because member data is tied to financial records that your organization may need for tax purposes, we recommend adding a form to your site so your users can submit a request to have their data deleted.  This gives your organization the opportunity to record any necessary tax information prior to deleting user records.

** How to make your entire website GDPR compliant **

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