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5 Minute Setup Guide

Membership Website 5 Minute Setup Guide

Manage new members, renewals, and more, right from your website.

Turn your WordPress website into a flexible, easy to use complete member management system. These 4 powerful, interconnected plugins will give you all the features you need to build an engaging website and better serve your members. Here’s a quick how-to to get you up and running. Visit our Documentation Pages for even more features and setup options.

Let’s get started!

Add a Business Directory to Your WordPress Website

Step 1.Download & install Chamber Dashboard Business Directory plugin from the plugins page of your WordPress installation.
Step 2.Install Demo Data. Click to install demo business listings. Open the /business-directory/ page generated by the demo data installation to view demo data.

Pro Tip: If at any point during setup, you are getting a 404 Error, go to Settings >> Permalinks and click ‘Save’.

Step 3. – Add Google Maps API Key.  In order to display maps in your Business Directory, you’ll need to create and add a Google Maps API key to your settings page.
Step 4.Upload a CSV file of your own member businesses. Go to Chamber Dashboard >> Import

Pro Tip: Download the example file first to see which fields can be imported.

That’s it! Your new directory is ready to go. You can set the fields to be displayed in your directory using shortcode parameters.  or switch to the Business Directory block to make things easier. To add a search feature or update the design of your Directory, find step-by-step video guides, by visiting our Documentation Pages.


Build a complete membership site

in just a few clicks

Install a theme, choose your layout and run the install wizard!

Keep scrolling for more manual plugin setup instructions…

Setup online payments & membership form

Using the Member Manger plugin, you can create a membership form that automatically creates a listing in your Business Directory when a new member joins.

Step 1.

Download & install Chamber Dashboard Member Manager plugin from the plugins page of your WordPress installation.

Step 2.

 Connect to Paypal. Go to Chamber Dashboard >> Member Manager Options and enter the email address of your Paypal account. Membership payments will be sent to this account.

Step 3. 

 Create a new page & add the membership form block. Give your page a name and add the page to your site’s menu.

Step 4.

Setup Membership Levels. Go to Businesses >> Membership Levels. Here you can enter perks & benefits to offer new members, as well as the cost of each level.

That’s it! New members can now use this form to join your organization. Your members can also use this form to renew their membership.  The membership form [membership_form] will automatically pick up your membership levels. To display benefits of membership on your site, add a new page with the [membership_levels] shortcode. For additional information and step-by-step video guide, please visit our Documentation Pages.  

Hint: If at any point during setup, you are getting a 404 Error, go to Settings >> Permalinks and click ‘Save’.


Contact database & activity tracking

With the CRM plugin, you and assigned members of your organization, can keep track of contacts you’ve had with your members, meetings they’ve attended and more. People in your CRM can be linked with their Business listing, grouped into categories and even displayed on your website if desired.

Step 1.

Download & install Chamber Dashboard CRM plugin from the plugins page of your WordPress installation.

Step 2.

Create a New Record under ‘People’ for each contact you want to track. Connect to related Business if applicable.

Step 3.

Create Activities and link People to their Activities. For Activities such as board meetings or workshops, that more than one member attends, you can create the Activity once and link it to multiple People who attended.  Have hundreds of contacts to import?  Try our CRM Importer plugin to import them all at once and save you tons of time!

Note: the CRM plugin is primarily for internal use. CRM, invoice and Business Directory data can be combined and exported for reporting purposes. To access these advanced exporting options, purchase our Exporter plugin here.

Community Events Calendar

With the Events Calendar plugin, you can turn your site into the place to be to find out about upcoming local events.   You can event connect to your ticket sales page!

Step 1.

Download & install Chamber Dashboard Event Calendar plugin from the plugins page of your WordPress installation.

Step 2.

Create a New Event Listing under ‘Events’ for each upcoming event you want to display. Add all the important details and don’t forget to include a picture.

Step 3.

Display your Event Calendar on your site by creating a new page and adding the [events_calendar] shortcode and start engaging your visitors.


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