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Ripple WP theme, list view, alpha search

Theme: Ripple WP

Plugins: Business Directory


  • WordPress cover block
  • Chamber Dashboard search block
  • Chamber Dashboard Business Directory block

Setup Steps:

  • Create a new page & set the page template to full width page.
  • Add a WordPress cover block set to display at full width.
  • Add the CD search block, align to center & hide all fields except keyword field.
  • Add the CD Business Directory block:
    • Set the layout to list
    • Select Directory fields to be displayed
    • Enable alpha search under ‘additional options’
  • Set alignment for Business Directory block to wide width.
  • Link color is picked up from your theme.
  • Add font awesome icons


(adjust as needed based on your theme & color palette)

Spacing for Alpha Search:

.alpha_listings {padding-top: 30px; padding-bottom: 50px;}

Add background to odd posts:

#businesslist .business.odd_post {background: #f8f8f8; padding: 8px;}

** See more Directory layouts **

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