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Alphabetical Display

Display Business Directory in Alpha Order

Sort Members

To alphabetize your Business Directory use the [business_directory] shortcode with the orderby=”name” parameter:  [business_directory orderby="name"]

>> See Example Business Directory Page

You can also create an alpha order page for a specific category, using the [business_directory]shortcode and the category parameter. ie: [business_directory category="your-category" orderby="name"]  Where ‘your-category’ is replaced with a category that you are using in your directory.

Search Results Page

The search results page will automatically display in alpha order.

Category Pages

If you are using the [business_categories] shortcode, first go to the Chamber Dashboard Settings page and check the ‘order category pages by business name’ option.  When you add the [business_categories] shortcode to a page, a list of your categories will be displayed in alpha order.

>> See Example Business Category Page

When you click on a specific category, the results there will be in alpha order as well.

NOTE: When using the [business_categories] shortcode, you can control which fields are shown on the category pages from the Chamber Dashboard Settings page, however, the page will pick up its formatting from your theme.

Add Alpha Search to Directory page

Add a search feature and A-Z search to your Directory page.

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