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Automate Renewal Reminders

Required Plugins: Business Directory / Recurring Payments / 
Member Manager or Member Manager Pro

Setup Recurring Payments Plugin

Automate renewal reminders

Wouldn’t it be nice if you received annual renewals from your members automatically?  Without having to send a reminders or follow up emails? Using the Chamber Dashboard Member Manager and Recurring Payments plugins, your members can setup their membership dues as an automatic recurring payment to you thru Paypal so their membership automatically renews every year. One less thing to worry about.

Please Note: We STRONGLY recommend that you read and understand how the Member Manager plugin works before installing the Recurring Payments plugin.

If you are using the Member Manager Pro plugin, the setup steps for automatic membership renewals thru Paypal is a different process.

Once you have installed & activated the Recurring Payments plugin, the Automatic Renewal option thru Paypal will appear on your membership form.

auto-renew option

Automatic Membership Renewals thru Paypal

When the member selects ‘Yes, automatically renew my membership annually’, they will be directed to their Paypal account to set up recurring payments to your organization.  When these payments are made, an invoice will be automatically generated on your site and marked as paid for tracking purposes.  Both the member and the organization will receive notification that the payment has been made and the Membership Renewal Date (MRD) and subscriber ID fields will be automatically updated in the Business Directory Listing.

Paypal recurring payment fields

Manual Member Renewal Process

For members who do not chose to setup recurring payments thru Paypal, the tracking process is the same, except that you will need to send your members a reminder to renew.

  • Send reminder emails to members with link to Renewal Form
  • Once Renewal payment is complete
    • Invoice is automatically created and marked paid
    • Notification is sent to member from Paypal
    • Notification email is sent to admin
    • Membership Renewal Date field in the Business Directory listing is updated.
Membership Renewal Date

Send automatic renewal reminders w/payment link

Using the Recurring Payments plugin, you can automate the renewal reminder process.

  • Go to Chamber Dashboard >> Member Manager Options
  • Set the frequency for notifications & reminders and customize your renewal message.

Once a day, the Recurring Payments plugin will check for any businesses whose Membership Renewal Date (MRD) exactly matches the Notification Timeframe. An invoice is then generated and an email notification automatically sent to the billing email with a link for payment.

Notification Timeframe

Choose Frequency & Customize Email Notification

To choose when invoices are sent out to your members and create customized emails to send with the invoices:

  • Go to Chamber Dashboard >> Member Manager Options.
  • Set the time frame for how early you’d like to send renewal invoices to your members.
  • Create a customized email message.
  • Set a time frame for Reminder Emails for overdue invoices.
  • Create a customized reminder email.

Note: Invoices and emails will be automatically sent to the email listed in the Business Directory’s ‘Billing Email’ field.


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