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Test my Setup

Test setup of Recurring payments plugin

NOTE: The Recurring Payments plugin runs on activation. It’s always a good idea to test your setup before going live. You can enable Pause Mode for testing. When Pause Mode is on, no renewal reminders will be auto-generated or sent.

Test your setup as follows: 

  • Go to Chamber Dashboard >> CD Settings >> Payments >> Recurring Payments.
  • Enable Pause Mode and save changes.
  • Select at least one test Business listings and enter a Membership Renewal Date (MRD) for this listing.
    • Be sure to use an MRD that matches the notification time frame that you have selected on the settings page. For example, if you have notification set for 1 week, enter an MRD that is exactly one week from today.
  • Make sure your test Business listing has a billing email.
    • You can use your own email for testing, but it should be different than the admin email.
  • Delete or mark ‘paid’ any outstanding or test invoices and/or orders.
  • Go to Chamber Dashboard >> CD Settings >> Payments >> Recurring Payments and click on the ‘Run Test’ button.
    • If using the Member Manager plugin, check to make sure an invoice was created and sent to the billing email.
    • If using the WC Payments plugin, check to make sure an order was created and sent.
  • NOTE: WordPress is notorious for not being great at delivering email. If your email notifications are slow or not sending at all, consider installing an SMTP plugin.
  • Once you are finished with testing, be sure to disable Pause Mode!

NOTE: We make every effort to make sure our plugins work with all WordPress themes and plugins. However, there are thousands of themes and plugins available for WordPress and sometimes conflicts do occur. We strongly recommend testing the Chamber Dashboard plugins once your site is fully developed, and before going live.

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