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Plugin won’t activate / features not working

The Recurring Payments plugin requires additional Chamber Dashboard plugins to be installed & activated on your site. If you are getting an error when trying to activate your plugin, please check to be sure that you are using the most current version of these plugins and that the required plugins have been activated on your site.

Troubleshoot Recurring Payments plugin

Troubleshooting a live site

We recommend setting up a staging site (an exact copy of your site) for testing.

However, if you do need to troubleshoot a production (live) site, you can use pause mode on the Recurring Payments settings page to stop the site from automatically sending invoices.

Installing a stop email plugin from the WordPress plugin Repository (external link) will prevent your site from sending emails to your members while you are testing.

Use an email log plugin from the WordPress plugin Repository (external link) to track email notifications. Notifications will be captured in the log, even though the stop email plugin is preventing them from actually being sent.

Invoice not showing on 30-60-90 report

Invoices will only show up on the 30-60-90 Report if they are over 30 days overdue.

If you have an invoice/business that is not showing up on the report, open the invoice connected to the business and enter a date in the Due Date field.

Error Sending Invoice Notification

Renewal invoice not sending

If you receive notification ‘Chamber Dashboard tried to send an invoice notification, but something went wrong’, first thing to check is that there is a Business Listing attached to your invoice.

NOTE: If you are using the WC Payments plugin, this applies to orders not invoices.

Overdue invoices are sent to the billing address of the Business Listing. So if there is no connected Listing, the invoice notification can’t be sent.

1) Click thru the link to open the invoice.

2) An invoice cannot be sent if it is not connected to a Business.  For example, this might happen during testing if you have deleted the attached example Business.

TO RESOLVE: Open the invoice and re-connect to the Business.  Use the ‘Email Invoice’ option on the right to resend your test invoice.

3) Invoices are sent to the billing email of the Business. Check the Business Listing to make sure an email address has been entered in the billing email field.

TO RESOLVE: Enter an email address in the billing email field.

4) Invoice no longer needed.  If the invoice is no longer relevant, for example if an updated invoice has been created, marking the invoice as paid or deleting the invoice will stop the notifications.

TO RESOLVE: Mark invoice as paid or delete the invoice.

WordPress email issues

Still having issues sending invoices?

WordPress is notoriously bad at sending emails. While it is possible to send email thru your website, WordPress uses the PHP Mail function to send emails, which can sometimes take hours to deliver and often arrives in the junk folder.

Follow this link for more information on what to do if your Invoice Notification Emails are not being sent at all.

If you have followed the steps above and continue to get the error message, please contact Chamber Dashboard support.

Invoice not getting created in pause mode

If invoices / orders are not being created at all when you click the ‘run test’ button on the Recurring Payments settings page, first check your site’s time zone on the WordPress settings page to make sure it is set for local time.

Next check to make sure that the Membership Renewal Date in the Business listing exactly matches the notification timeframe that you have set on the Recurring Payments settings page.

Check for plugin or theme conflict

With thousands of themes and plugins available in the WordPress ecosystem, you may occasionally run into an issue that is being caused by a 3rd party theme or plugin that you have active on your installation.

If you have tried the troubleshooting steps above and are still having trouble, it could be due to a plugin or theme conflict. Learn how to check for a plugin conflict here.

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