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Single Listings

Note: If you are having trouble viewing the Single Business Listing pages, try going to Settings >>Permalinks and simply click ‘Save’. 

Set Fields for Single Business View

The Business Directory plugin offers you several options to customize the single business view of each member’s listing.

To choose the fields that are displayed in single business view, go to Chamber Dashboard >> CDSettings >> Directory.  Update the Single Business View options accordingly.

Options for Single Business View

Business Directory Single Business View

Display Google Map

  • In your dashboard menu, click on Chamber Dashboard
  • Under “Single Business View Options,” select map “Map.”
  • Save your changes

This will display all businesses. Note, if you are getting an error ‘Page can’t load Google Maps’, you may need to generate a Google Maps API Key.

Pro Tip: Listings added after Google API key is entered may need to be updated. This is a good step to knock out early in the setup process. 🙂

Add link back to main Directory

Each Listing in your Chamber Dashboard Business Directory includes a single listing page. You can use the page to create a more robust directory by adding additional details for each member or even letting members update their own listings!

Return to Business Listing

Make it easy for visitors to navigate your Business Directory by adding a link back to the main Directory page as follows:

  • From your WordPress dashboard, go to Chamber Dashboard.
  • On the main settings page, scroll down to ‘Business Listings URL’ to enter the URL for your Directory
  • Add some text for your link, like ‘Return to Main Directory’ for example!
  • Be sure to save your changes.
Return to Main Business Directory

Both the URL and text fields must be filled in order for this link to work.

  • If both the link and the text field are empty: nothing will show on the front end.
  • If link is filled, but not the text: nothing will show on the front end.
  • If the text is filled, but not the link, then the text shows up on the front end but does not link anywhere.
Single Listing Page - with link back to main Directory page

Disable Link to Single Business View

If you prefer not to link thru from your Directory to individual Business Listings, link directly to the member’s website by turning off turn off the single link option.


The single_link parameter determines whether the business name and logo link to a page displaying more detail about the business.  The link will automatically display by default, but if you don’t want there to be a link, you can turn it off.  If you do this, it means that visitors to your site will not be able to find the single business page.


  • yes – default
  • no – turns off the link

Example: [business_directory single_link="no"]

Member Claimed Listings

Want your members to be able to claim and update their own listings? Try the Member Updater plugin!

Get Member Updater Now

Add Custom Fields to Single Business View

To add additional fields to the single business view, go to Chamber Dashboard >> CDSettings >> Directory.  Scroll down to add a Custom field.  Be sure to select a ‘Field Type’ and select ‘Yes’ to display in single business view. Next go to the Business, enter some data into this field, then click update to save your changes.

Automatic New Listings

Automatically create new listings in your Business Directory every time a new member joins by adding an online payment option with our free Member Manager plugin.

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