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Display Contacts

Display CRM Contacts in Directory Listings

Once you have a CRM contact (from the People database) connected to a Business Directory listing, you can display this contact in the Listing as well.  This is a great option when you want to add contact names to your Directory.

Display Contacts

Choose which Directory pages will display contacts. You can display them on single Business listings, Business category pages or your main Directory page.

Display CRM fields in Business Display

Choose which fields from the People record will be displayed on the Directory pages you have selected above.

Go to Chamber Dashboard >> CD Settings >> Contacts.


Next open the People record and check the ‘Display’ option. Update to save your changes.

That’s it! The contact will display in the Business listing that is it connected to.  

Display CRM Contacts Chamber Dashboard Business Directory

To remove select individuals from display, open the People record and uncheck ‘Display’.

Hint: Contacts will be displayed in the order that the People records are published, with the most recently published record showing first. To change the order when displaying multiple contacts, change the publish date of the People record.

Meet the Team page

Displaying staff or board members on your membership site


Watch the video below for details on how easy it is to use the CRM plugin by Chamber Dashboard to create a ‘Meet the Team’ page using the ‘Display People’ block.


The CRM shortcode can also be used to display a list of certain sets of people on your site, such as your Board of Directors.  To do this, you can use the following shortcode:

[chamber_dashboard_people category="board-members"]

Please note: Adding this shortcode to a page will pull the data into the page. The formatting for your page comes from your theme.  To achieve the layout as seen on the Board Member page of our Demo Site, you will need to adjust the formatting of some elements of the page with CSS or simply install the Chamber Beautiful theme.

This shortcode has several parameters.

category (required)

You must select one category of people to display.  You need to use the category slug, which is usually the category name, all in lower case, with dashes instead of commas.  For example, a category called “Board Members” will probably have a slug of “board-members.”  To find out for sure what the category slug is, go to People –> People Category.  That page lists all of your categories, and also shows the slug for each category.

Example: [chamber_dashboard_people category="board-members"]


Determine the format/layout of the business directory page.


  • list – default
  • grid2 – displays businesses in a 2-column grid
  • grid3 – displays businesses in a 3-column grid
  • grid4 – displays businesses in a 4-column grid

Example:  [chamber_dashboard_people category="board-members" format="grid3"]


Determine what additional information to display about each person.


  • title – display the person’s title
  • prefix – display the person’s prefix (Mrs., Dr., Mr., etc.)
  • suffix – display the person’s suffix (Esq., Jr., etc.)
  • description – the description of the person, as entered into the main content area when editing a person
  • image – display the featured image
  • address – display the person’s address
  • phone – display the person’s phone number(s)
  • email – display the person’s email address(es)
  • business – display links to connected business(es)

Example: [chamber_dashboard_people category="board-members" display="title, email, image"]

Hint: to create a staff page including staff pictures, add a featured image to each staff member’s People record, then use the “display=image” parameter in your shortcode.


Determine the order in which the people appear.


  • name – default, people are ordered alphabetically
  • rand – people are ordered randomly.  Every time someone visits the page, they will be in a different order.
  • menu_order – set the order for people to be displayed using the custom menu order.  To set a menu order for people
    • Go to People records in your site’s dashboard
    • Open the People record to be edited
    • In the right sidebar is a box labeled “Post Attributes”, with a field for order.
    • Put a number in that field, and that will determine the order in which they appear when displayed on your site.

Example Shortcode: [chamber_dashboard_people orderby="menu_order"]

set post order WordPress post

Add Featured Image to Contact

The featured image will be used on your ‘Meet the Team’ page. To add a featured image to a People record:

  1. Open People Record
  2. Go to the Featured Image meta box, click on ‘Set Featured Image’
  3. Upload or select image from your media library
  4. Be sure to click ‘Update’ to save your changes

Pro Tip: Crop all of your images to the same pixel dimensions for a clean professional look.

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