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Display Individuals

Using the Chamber Dashboard Business Directory plugin, when a new member joins, the Business is the member.

Contacts for the Business can be displayed using the Business Directory plugin only or, by installing the CRM plugin.

The CRM plugin connects to the Business Directory plugin giving you a shared database where you can track interactions with contacts related to each Business listing. While the CRM plugin does require the Business Directory plugin in order to run, contacts can be entered into your CRM even if they are not connected to a Business listing.

Adding the CRM plugin to your site gives you the option to track meeting notes, interactions with board members, potential members, event sponsors, etc. Plus, the CRM plugin includes a ‘Display People’ block that makes it easy to create a ‘Meet the team’ page on any WordPress website.

Option for Individual Member Directory & Search

The option to for individuals to update their own People record and to appear in a Directory search is currently in development.

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