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Meet the Team Page Design

Designing staff or board member pages

The CRM plugin includes a ‘Display People’ block that makes it easy to build a meet the team page in just a few minutes. The CRM plugin will automatically pick up the formatting from the WordPress theme that you have installed to create a cohesive look. To get started building a meet the team page:

  • Add CRM listings – In order to create a meet the team page, you will first need to create People records in your CRM.
  • Fields displayed – Using either the ‘Display People’ block settings or shortcode parameters, you can select which CRM/People fields to display on your meet the team page.
  • Adjust the meet the team page layout – Using the block settings you can set the alignment and number of columns for your meet the team listings.
  • Additional Design Options – Your meet the team page can also be updated using some simple CSS. Click on design inspiration or styling options below for details.

NOTE: Contacts from your CRM can also be displayed on your Business Directory page or single Business listing pages.

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