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Add Events

Add a New Event to your Calendar

  • Log in to your WordPress website.
  • In your sidebar menu, go to Events -> Add New.
  • In the first field, give your Event a name.
  • Under the title is a large content box.

Enter a description of your Event. You can use the buttons at the top of the box to format your text.

Event Date & Time

Next you can enter a date and starting time for your Event. You can also enter an ending time or list the event as happening all-day.  If this will be a recurring event, use the drop-down  menu to choose how often it will repeat.

Event Ticket Sales

If your event is free to attend, leave the default “Is this event free?” box checked.  If not, uncheck the box and enter a name and price for your Event tickets.  You can then link to a service such as PayPal or Stripe to complete the purchase.

Event Display Options

Featured Image – This image will be used along with the Excerpt field in the ‘List View’ of events, but not the ‘Calendar View’.

Event Categories – Categories will be displayed in the single view of the event.  Visitors are able to click on a specific category to pull up a list of all events of this type.

Event Tags – If you think of Categories as a broad overview of the types of Events you offer, think of Tags as a way to offer your visitors more detail.  For example if your organization offers Networking, Economic Development and Workshop events, tags for your workshops might be: Hiring & Firing, Marketing, Business Law, etc.

Categories vs. Tags

Event Location –  in the right hand menu, you will see Locations. You can choose a location that you have used previously or ‘Add a New Event Location’.


You might want to write custom excerpts for your Event. When your Events are displayed on the Event listings pages, they will by default show the excerpt instead of the full description. If you do not enter a custom excerpt, then the first few words of your description will be displayed (the number of words displayed will vary depending on what theme you are using).

To enter a custom excerpt, look for a box labeled “Excerpt.” If you do not see one, then scroll to the top of the page. In the top right corner, click on “Screen Options.” When you do, a new set of options will appear. Check the box next to “Excerpt.” Then scroll down to the bottom of the screen, and you will see the “Excerpt” box. You can enter your custom excerpt there.

Hint: to ensure your event will display properly once published, from the left menu, go to Settings >>Permalinks and click ‘Save’

How to Video

Add Event Location & Map

Edit / update location details – display map for Event location

To add the full details for your event location, from the left menu, go to Events >> Locations.

Add Location Menu

Choose Add New Event Location or if you have already created a location on the Events page, open that location to add additional information.

Enter the event address to display the Google map.

NOTE: You must have your Google Maps API keys entered on the Business Directory settings page in order to display Google Maps on your website.


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