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Display Calendar

Display Events Calendar on your Site

To display a calendar on your Chamber or membership organization’s WordPress website, create a page where you would like to display the calendar.  Then, in the content area for that page, type in the following shortcode:


Events Calendar WordPress plugin

You can title the page whatever you’d like. By default, the Events shortcode will display a calendar view of all your event listings. It will show the event title, which will automatically be hyperlinked through to individual event listings page that includes all the details that you have entered for your event, including date, time, event location and a link to ticket sales.

Default to list view

If you want to your events page to default to a list format, you can do this:

[events_calendar view="list"]

or this: [events_calendar view="day"]

or this: [events_calendar view="week"]

Events Calendar, list view, WordPress plugin

Display single category

Use the ‘category’ parameter to display only one type of event on a page.

[events_calendar category="family-friendly"]

Add color to event categories

Spice up your events calendar by adding color to your categories.

Add color to Calendar category plugin, WordPress membership site

From your WordPress dashboard:

  • Go to Events >> Categories
  • Select an existing category to edit or add a new category
  • Choose a color from the color picker
  • Be sure to click ‘Update’ to save your changes!
Color code event calendar categories, WordPress plugin

Default Color

Events will default to the highlight color you have set for links in your theme.  Events listed in two categories will default to the link color for your theme.

Link Event Page to Ticket Sales

The Chamber Dashboard Events Calendar Plugin lets you display a calendar of upcoming events on your website, and create robust event descriptions, including images, start and end dates, times, locations and even share a link to ticket sales!

From your dashboard, go to Events, then open the specific event and scroll down to the ‘Event Tickets’ section to add Ticket information.

Chamber Dashboard Event Calendar Ticket Sales
Chamber Dashboard Event Calendar Ticket Sales

Return to Calendar Link

Add quick link from individual events back to main calendar page

Make it easy for your site visitors to find their way back to the main calendar page by adding a link to every event listing.

  • Go to Chamber Dashboard >> CD Settings >> Events Calendar.
  • Add the URL for your events calendar page.
  • Add some text for your link, like ‘Return to Upcoming Events’ for example!
  • Be sure to save your changes.
Return to Events Calendar - add link
Return to Events Calendar

Generate iCal – Subscribe to Calendar

The Chamber Dashboard calendar plugin includes an iCalendar subscription feed that can be subscribed by any device supporting an iCalendar client to update local calendar in real time.

What is iCalendar?

Using CD calendar plugin, your site visitors can subscribe to your calendar, add your events to their own calendar and receive a notice when new events are added to your calendar.

The option to ‘subscribe to calendar’ is automatically displayed on your calendar page when using the [events_calendar] shortcode.

Using the calendar app on their mobile device, your visitors can click on the subscribe link or a link on an individual event to add events to their device’s calendar.

NOTE: By default, Android OS does not synchronize with iCal. However, there is a free application on Google Play store that enables iCal feeds on Android phones.

Users can also subscribe to your calendar from a desktop. However, the setup steps are a bit different. Follow one of the links below for details:

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