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Restrict MSE by Membership Level

Adding the member submitted events (MSE) form from Member Updater to your site, will let your registered members login and submit their own events.

Offer this feature to some members and not others by restricting access to the MSE form to only certain membership levels.

Restrict member events by membership level

  • Activate Members-Only feature to enable page access restriction.
  • Open the page where you have entered the MSE form shortcode – [cde_update_events] 
  • Select one or more membership levels to have access this form.
Setup no-access message for logged in users

NOTE: To allow all members to enter events, this step is not required. The MSE feature of the Member Updater plugin requires members to log in before submitting an event. If the MSE page is not restricted by membership level, all members will be able to enter events.

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