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Plugin won’t activate / features not working

The Events Calendar plugin requires additional Chamber Dashboard plugins to be installed & activated on your site. If you are getting an error when trying to activate your plugin, please check to be sure that you are using the most current version of these plugins and that the required plugins have been activated on your site.

My Events are not showing up – 404 Error?

Getting a 404 or page can’t be found error on individual Business Listings

If your individual event listings are not showing up and you are getting a 404 Error, go to Settings >> Permalinks and then click save. This solves most 404 errors.

Google Map not showing on event page

You must have your Google Maps API key entered on the Business Directory settings page in order to display Google Maps on your website.

If you have already entered your Google Maps API key, but maps are not showing on your event listings:

  • Go to Chamber Dashboard >> CD Settings >> Events Calendar.
  • Make sure ‘Display Google Map’ is selected.
  • Under Events, open the individual event.
  • Make sure ‘Display Google Map’ is selected.
  • If the map marker is not in the right place, go to Events >> Locations.
  • Open the location, click ‘Update’ to refresh.
  • If this does not solve the issue, double check that the address is correct & remove any extra spaces if necessary.

Members can’t submit events

In order to login and submit events, users must be connected to a Business listing and be assigned the ‘Business Editor’ role. When the Member Updater plugin is installed, new users are automatically assigned the ‘Business Editor’ role when they register using the Member Manager membership form.

Existing members may need to be manually connected to their Business record and updated to ‘Business Editor’ role.

Step-by-step instructions to manually connect.

Member events not showing on Member Account page

In order for member submitted events to be displayed on the member account page, ALL of the following must be true.

  • Business record is connected to People record.
  • People record is connected to WordPress user.
  • User is assigned ‘Business Editor’ role.
  • Both Business & People records are published.
  • Member submitted event must be published.

When the Member Updater plugin is activated, these happen as part of the process when the new member registers.

For existing members, you many need to manually update some or all of these.

Manually connect Business Editor to Business & People records

Featured image not showing up on event listings

Your theme settings may determine whether or not featured images get displayed. If featured images are not showing up on your event listings, you can over-ride the theme settings by setting the featured image to show in Chamber Dashboard events settings.

  • Go to CD Settings >> Events Calendar.
  • Select ‘Display Featured Image on Single Event View’.

Check for plugin or theme conflict

With thousands of themes and plugins available in the WordPress ecosystem, you may occasionally run into an issue that is being caused by a 3rd party theme or plugin that you have active on your installation.

If you have tried the troubleshooting steps above and are still having trouble, it could be due to a plugin or theme conflict. Learn how to check for a plugin conflict here.

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