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Free Directory Import

Import Business into Business Directory

The Business Directory plugin includes a free CSV import tool that you can use to import an existing set of businesses right into your Directory from a CSV file. Member Businesses can be connected to a category and a membership level as well during this process.

Business Categories & Membership Levels

Business Categories & Membership Levels will be imported and added to your site if they do not already exist in your database.

NOTE: Data will not be overwritten, which may result in duplicate entries. We recommend deleting any previous test data before importing. 

NOTE: Google Maps now requires an API key to display Google Maps on your website. Listings created before you have entered your Google Maps API key may not display correctly. We recommend installing your API key BEFORE uploading your Business CSV file.  

Step 1:

Arrange your business records to match the following columns.

Note: Your CSV file must have the following columns in the following order, even if some of the columns are empty*:

  • Business Name
  • Description
  • Category (separate multiple with semicolons)
  • Membership Level (separate multiple with semicolons)
  • Location Name
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • URL
  • Phone (separate multiple with semicolons)
  • Email (separate multiple with semicolons)

*Column headers must match the sample CSV. Download a sample CSV file of Business listings here.

Step 2

Save your File in CSV format.

Step 3

Go to Chamber Dashboard >> CDsettings >> Import/Export .

Step 4

Click on ‘Choose File’, select your CSV file, then Click ‘Upload & Import’.

Import Business Categories Only

To import a list of Business Categories:

  • Go to Chamber Dashboard >> CDsettings >> Import/Export .
  • Download a sample CSV file.
  • Delete all the records in the sample CSV except Hale’s Ales Brewery.
  • Enter all categories for import in the category cell for Hale’s. Separate your categories with a semicolon.
  • Save the file as in CSV format.
  • Go to Chamber Dashboard >> CDsettings >> Import/Export to import your updated file.
  • Go to Businesses to delete Hale’s Ales Brewery.
  • Go to Businesses >> Business Categories to see your imported categories.


Import Fail

Below are some common issues users have experience when importing listings into the Business Directory. If your issue is not solved below, please let us know.

Data is scrambled or not in the right field

Check your columns. Be sure that your CSV files has the exact same columns & column names as the sample file.

Check your formatting. Different programs format CSV files differently.  If your CSV file is not recognized by WordPress – ie, data appears all scrambled up, try one of the following:

  • Create a Google Drive datasheet, enter your data, export from Gdrive to CSV
  • Open your file in Excel for Word, then save to CSV
  • Save your file to CSV using a text editor
  • Save your file to CSV using Open Office

Hint: WordPress doesn’t seem to like the formatting of Excel for Mac files. We recommend using one of the methods above to create your CSV file.

Map markers not showing for uploaded Businesses. 

Google Maps now requires an API key to display Google Maps on your website. Your map markers will only show if you have installed Google Maps API key on the Chamber Dashboard settings page. If you uploaded your CSV file before installing your API key, you can update individual Business listings one at a time, by opening & clicking ‘update’. Or you can delete your listings, install your API key and then re-import your listings.

Not all Businesses getting imported

If only part of your CSV file is getting imported, it may be that the script is timing out. Check with your website hosting company to see if you can extend the PHP execution limit.

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