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CRM Contact Import

Required Plugins: Business Directory / CRM / CRM Importer

Import Contacts to your CRM

Using the CRM Importer plugin you can easily import all of your current contacts to the People database. You can also connect your contacts to their listing in the Chamber Dashboard Business Directory. Once your contacts are connected to their Business Listing, you can display them in the Directory if you’d like.

Step 1: Prep your Data

  • Go to Chamber Dashboard >> CDsettings >> Contacts.
  • Click on ‘CRM Import’.
  • Download & unzip the example CSV file.
  • Here you will see a list of the columns that your CSV file must have for a successful import. You must include all of the columns in your CSV file even if there is no data in them.
  • Add your data to columns in the CSV file.

Step 2: Check your Data

  • Only the columns shown in the example file will be uploaded.
  • New categories will be added to People categories.
  • The plugin will not check for duplicate emails on your original import. Be sure to check your data carefully before uploading.
    • If two contacts have the same email – two People records will be created.
    • If a contact is listed twice with two different email address  – two People records will be created.
    • For contacts with 2 emails, the contact should be listed once with both addresses entered in the email field, separated by a semicolon.

Step 3: Connect CRM records with Business Directory

  • To connect a contact with a Business from your Directory, enter the Business name exactly as it appears the Directory.
    • Connected Businesses must be spelled correctly – Misspelled Businesses will not be connected.
    • New Businesses will not be created thru this import.

Step 4: Import your contacts to the CRM

  • Return to Import on the Contact settings page.
  • Upload & Import your CSV file.

That’s it! You just saved yourself from having to manually type in all those contacts!  What’s next on your To-Do List?

Display contacts in your Directory


Import Fail

Below are some common issues users have experience when importing contacts into the CRM plugin. If your issue is not solved below, please let us know.

Data is scrambled or not in the right fields

Check your columns. Be sure that your CSV files has the exact same columns & column names as the sample file.

Check your formatting. Different programs format CSV files differently.  If your CSV file is not recognized by WordPress – ie, data appears all scrambled up, try one of the following:

  • Create a Google Drive datasheet, enter your data, export from Gdrive to CSV
  • Open your file in Excel for Word, then save to CSV
  • Save your file to CSV using a text editor
  • Save your file to CSV using Open Office

Hint: WordPress doesn’t seem to like the formatting of Excel for Mac files. We recommend using one of the methods above to create your CSV file.

Not all contacts getting imported

If only part of your CSV file is getting imported, it may be that the script is timing out. Check with your website hosting company to see if you can extend the PHP execution limit.

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