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Test my Setup

Member claimed Business listings

The Member Updater plugin gives you 3 options to let your members claim and edit their Business listing:
NOTE: The Business, People record and WordPress user must all be published & connected before member can edit their listing.

1) Business Editor created at registration

Using either Member Updater & Member Manager plugins together or Member Updater & Member Manager Pro plugins, when a new member joins using the Join Now form, a new Business Directory listing is created. As well, the member is automatically added as a Business Editor on your site.
(NOTE: New Editors must be published before they are able to login and edit their Business.)

2) Member registers as Editor for existing Business

Setup for the Member Updater plugin includes set up of a ‘claim my business’ or Editor registration page. This page can be shared with your members so that they can register one or more representatives from their organization as Editors for their Business listing in your Directory. A great way to keep your Directory up-to-date is to encourage your members to update their own listings!

3) Manually connect Business Editor to Existing Business

For existing Business listings, you may prefer to manually connect your member to their Business. Once connected, the member can login using the Member Updater login form and be automatically offered a link to edit their listing.

Test Setup: Member Updater

Here are the steps to test the setup of the Member Updater plugin. We highly recommend running thru these steps to see what the user experience will be like for your members.

Claim an Existing Business

  • Log out of your site as the admin user. 
    • Another option is to open a different browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, etc.) where you are not logged in to your site at all.
  • Navigate to your Member Updater registration page.
  • Complete the registration form as a TEST Editor.
  • Login to your site as the admin & publish the new People record that was created.
  • Log out as the admin and navigate to the member account page.
  • Login as the TEST Editor to edit your Business.

Register a new Business & a new Editor

  • Log out of your site as the admin user.
  • Navigate to your membership form.
  • Complete & submit the membership form as a TEST new member.
  • Login to your site as the admin & publish the new Business & new People records.
  • Log out as the admin and navigate to the member account page.
  • Login as the new TEST Editor to edit your Business.

NOTE: If you see the message ‘you are not connected to a business’ – check to see if you are still logged in as the admin. If you see this message when you are logged in as your TEST Editor, check to see that both the Business & People records have been connected & published.

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