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No Access Notifications

Enable Members-Only Content Feature

Go to Chamber Dashboard >> CD Settings >> Payments >>Membership form fields.

Once you have enabled members-only content…


You will then have the option to map your no-access page.

Members-Only / no-access notifications

Message to logged IN users

This is the message that logged IN members will see if their membership level does not include access to the content on the page that they are trying to access. The message should let them know what to do in order to gain access. For example: “Contact site admin to upgrade your membership level.” 

  • Create a new page.
  • Add instructions to visitors who do not have access to content at this level.
  • Map your ‘no-access’ page to ‘Information Page’ in Member Manager settings.

When a member is logged in, but visiting a page or post that is not assigned to their membership level, they will be redirected to this page.

Add a message to potential members to login page

Message to logged OUT users

When a site visitor, who is NOT logged in, clicks on the Member Account page from your site’s menu, they will see a login form. Members can then login and will be redirected to their account page.

If a site visitor, who is NOT logged in, clicks on members-only content, they may or may not already be a member. The visitor is redirected to a login form.

If they are a member, they can then login and will be sent right to the members-only content page they were trying to access. If their membership level matches the membership level of the content, they will have access. If not, they will be redirected to your no-access notification page as described above.

If they are not currently a member, you may want to encourage them to join. So we have provided a shortcode for you to display text to only these visitors that have been redirected from a members-only page.

The shortcode to add text to the login page is: [cd_redirect] You can add a message here that will show only when the user is visiting via a redirect. [/cd_redirect] 

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