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Restrict page & post content

Enable Members-Only Content Feature

  • Go to Chamber Dashboard >> CD Settings >> Payments >>Membership form fields.
  • Select ‘Enable Members Only’ feature & click save.

Create membership levels 

To create membership levels in your Business Directory, from your WordPress dashboard, go to Business Directory >> Membership Levels

NOTE:  If you are already using the Business Directory with the membership form, you most likely already have membership levels created. 🙂

Restrict page / post content by membership level

Create a new page or add content to an existing page (or post) that you want to only make available to certain membership levels. 

Then scroll to the bottom of the page to set content permission for the page (or post) by selecting one or more membership levels & then publishing the page.

Restrict content by membership level, Business Directory plugin for WordPress

NOTE: Do NOT restrict the member account page.

Restrict access to only part of a page

**For pages where you don’t want to restrict the entire page**

If you have only part of a page that you want to restrict to a certain membership level, you can use the following shortcode: [members_only membership_level="corporate-partner"] This will show only for corporate partners. [/members_only] 

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