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Setup Member Login

Enable Members-Only Content Feature

  • Go to Chamber Dashboard >> Member Manager settings
  • Select feature & click save

Create login page

This login page is the public facing page that logged out visitors will see if they click on a members-only page. If you are using the Member Updater plugin, you will use the same page for login page.

  • Create a new page.
  • Add login shortcode: [cdashmm_member_login_form] 
  • Go to Chamber Dashboard >> Member Manager Options to map your login page to Member Manager settings.

Add member login link to site menu

  • Go to Chamber Dashboard >> Member Manager settings .
  • Select ‘Add login/logout link’ & click save.

Automatically give new members access to members-only content

Once you have completed the setup steps for the members-only feature, when new members join using the Chamber Dashboard membership form, a user account will automatically be created for them and they will have access to the content that you have assigned to their membership level as soon as their Business & People records have been published.

Update Member Updater Login Page

If you were using the Member Updater plugin BEFORE you activated the members-only feature in Member Manager or Member Manager Pro, you will need to

  1. Update the shortcode on your login page to: [cdashmm_member_login_form] 
  2. Map your login page to the Member Manager settings page instead of the Member Updater settings page.
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