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Setup Member Account Page

Member Login

WordPress plugin, Member Login, access members only content

Enable Members-Only Content feature

  • Go to Chamber Dashboard >> CD Settings >> Payments >>Membership form fields.
  • Select feature & click save

Create & map member account page

The member account page will display a login form to logged OUT users and member account details to logged IN users.

  • Create a new page.
  • Add login shortcode: [cdashmm_member_login_form] – OR – add the member login form block to your page.
  • Publish your page.
  • Go to Chamber Dashboard >> CD Settings >> Payments >>Members Only Setting to map your login page.
members only content, map member login page, WordPress membership plugin

NOTE: If you are using the Member Updater plugin, this same page will automatically be used as the MU login page.

Add member login link to site menu

If desired, you can also add a login / logout link to your site’s menu:

  • Go to Chamber Dashboard >> CD Settings >> Payments >>Members Only Settings.
  • Select ‘Add login/logout link’ & click save.

Automatically give new members access to members-only content

Once you have completed all 4 setup steps for the members-only feature, when new members join using the Chamber Dashboard membership form, a user account will automatically be created for them and they will have access to the content that you have assigned to their membership level as soon as their Business & People records have been published.

**Update Member Updater Login Page

If you were using the Member Updater plugin BEFORE you activated the members-only feature in Member Manager, you will need to:

  1. Update the shortcode on your login page to: [cdashmm_member_login_form] 
  2. Map your login page to the Member Manager settings page instead of the Member Updater settings page.
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