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Free Directory Setup

The Member Manager plugin is designed for membership organizations with paying members. If you plan to have paying members, you will need to offer a payment option.

That being said, if you plan to make ALL listings in your Directory free, it is possible to create a membership level with a cost of $0. You can then use only the check payment option by removing the Paypal email from the CD Payment settings page.


Next add a note to the header of your invoice, informing new members that no payment is due. This notice will be sent to everyone who selects the ‘pay by check’ option. (also on the Payments settings page)


Both the new member and the site admin will receive an email when a new member joins. A new listing will be automatically created in the Directory.

Test my Setup

Test your free Directory by completing the form as a test user. Then check to make sure that a new listing was created in your Business Directory.

NOTE: New listings need to be published by the site admin so that you don’t end up with undesired listings in your Directory.

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