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Manage Invoices

Add logo to header/footer

Go to Chamber Dashboard >> CD Settings >> Payments to update the header & footer of your invoices. NOTE: Invoice must be connected to a published Business in order to display on the front end of your site.


Track Member Manager Payment Invoices

See all invoices

To see a list of all membership invoices:

  • Go to Invoices >> All Invoices.
  • Click on a Status type to sort by status. For example, click on ‘Overdue’ to see a list of overdue invoices.
  • Click on ‘Due Date’ to sort the invoices by their due date.

Export paid invoices

To export a list of paid invoices, go to Invoices >>Payment Report.  Select the date range you want and click ‘Generate Report’.  All invoices that were paid within the date range will appear in your report, which can be downloaded to a CSV (Excel) file with one click.


Overdue Invoices

Using the Recurring Payments Plugin, you can also see a list of overdue invoices, go to Invoices >>30-60-90 Report.  This report will show overdue invoices based on the Due Date of the invoice.  The 30-60-90 Report can also be downloaded to a CSV (Excel) file with one click.

NOTE: the Due Date can be edited within the individual Invoice. 

If you are not using the Recurring Payments Plugin, you can see which invoices are overdue invoices by going to the list of invoices in your site’s dashboard and sorting by due date as shown above.

Overdue Invoice Reminders

If you are using the Recurring Payments Plugin, you can send an automated reminder email when invoices are overdue. The plugin checks once a day for businesses whose membership payments are coming due within the time-frame you select and sends out a reminder email.

To set a time frame for Reminder Emails, Go to Chamber Dashboard >> CD Settings >> Payments.

  • Choose a time frame for Reminder Emails regarding overdue invoices.
  • Create a customized reminder email.
set recurring payments renewal reminders

NOTE: Invoices and emails are automatically sent to the email listed in the Business Directory’s ‘Billing Email’ field.

Keep Your Business Directory Current

Step 1: Display only current members – Hide Lapsed members

Keep your Business Directory up-to-date by displaying only the Business listings with paid memberships. First, set your Business Directory pages to show only members who are marked ‘current’ using the status shortcode:

– [business_directory status="current"]

To hide lapsed Listings from all pages, including search, go to Chamber Dashboard >> CD Settings >> Payments, click on ‘Hide Lapsed Members’ and click ‘Save’. 

Step 2: Auto-Lapse overdue memberships

Set memberships to Automatically Lapse when overdue.

  • Go to the main Chamber Dashboard >> CD Settings >> Payments.
  • Check ‘Automatically Lapse Membership’.
  • Be sure to save your changes!
Automatically lapse directory listing

When you check the ‘Automatically Lapse Membership’ option, once a day, the plugin will go through all the invoices, find any that have an Invoice Due Date (located on the invoice) that is in the past and mark it as ‘overdue’.  The plugin then changes the status of the connected Business Listing from ‘current’ to ‘lapsed’.

Member Manager uses Invoice Due Date to keep Business Directory current
from Business edit screen
Member Manager uses Invoice Due Date to keep Business Directory current
from Invoice edit screen

Note: If the Invoice Status is set as ‘overdue’ or ‘unpaid’, the Business Listing will be marked as ‘lapsed’ as well.    

Do Not Delete Current or Lapsed Status

NOTE: The Business Directory and Member Manager and Member Manager Pro plugins all use both the ‘current’ and ‘lapsed’ status to help keep your Directory up-to-date. Feel free to add additional statuses for internal use, but do not delete ‘current’ and ‘lapsed’ status, they are needed for the plugins to work.

Print Paid Invoice

If you are using the Member Manger plugin, invoices are automatically generated whenever a new member completes the membership form on your website. Once payment is complete, the invoice is automatically marked ‘paid’.

Member printed invoice

Members will receive an email with a link to their paid invoice upon completing payment for their membership. Members can print their invoice by following this link & printing the invoice page.

Members can also login to their member account page to review or print their invoices.

To resend the member’s invoice:

  • Go to Invoices in your site’s dashboard.
  • Open the invoice to use the resend feature.
sample member invoice

Error sending invoice notifications

Troubleshooting an Error in Sending Invoice Notification

If you receive notification:

‘Chamber Dashboard tried to send an invoice notification, but something went wrong…’

first thing to check is whether there is a Business attached to your invoice.

Overdue invoices are sent to the billing email of the connected Business. So if there is no connected Business, the invoice notification can’t be sent.

Step 1: Connect the Invoice to a Business

  • Follow the link in your email to open the invoice.
  • In the meta boxes on the right, check to see whether there is a connected Business.
    • Sometimes this happens during testing, when test Businesses get deleted.

TO RESOLVE: Re-connect to the Business or delete the invoice if no longer needed.  Use the ‘Email Invoice’ option on the right to resend your test invoice.

Step 2: Enter a billing email in the Business record

  • Invoices are sent to the billing email of the Business. Check the Business Listing to make sure an email address has been entered in the billing email field.

TO RESOLVE: Enter an email address in the billing email field.

Step 3: Delete test invoices

  • If the invoice is no longer relevant, for example if an updated invoice has been created, or if this was a test invoice, marking the invoice as paid or deleting the invoice will stop the notifications.

TO RESOLVE: Mark invoice as paid or delete the invoice.

Still having issues sending invoices

WordPress is notoriously bad at sending emails. If invoices are created but not being sent, follow this link for more information on what to do if your Invoice Notification Emails are not being sent at all.

Export list of paid invoices

Follow this link to see the steps for exporting a list of payments received this month using the Advanced Exporter plugin.

Staff workflows

See recommended staff / admin workflows, including populating your Business Directory, automating renewal reminders, member claimed listings and more.

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