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New Member Form

Required Plugins: Business Directory / Member Manager

Setup Online Payments

How the membership form works

When combined with the Business Directory plugin, the Member Manager plugin makes it easy to receive new member payments right from your WordPress website. The membership form connects to the Business Directory to automatically create new listings, PLUS:

  • New Business members can sign up and pay for their membership right from your website
  • Display member benefits on your site
  • Automatically create a new Business Listing when the membership form is submitted
  • Automatically create a new invoice to track member payments
  • Track renewal dates right from your Business Directory
  • Keep your Directory up-to-date by removing lapsed members from display

** See visual of Member Manager payment process **

Member application form setup

Step 1 – Create & display Membership Levels

  • Go to Businesses >> Membership Levels
  • Create a Membership Level for each tier of benefits that you offer to your members
  • Display Member Benefits on your website:
    • Create a new page called ‘Member Benefits’.
    • Add the shortcode – [membership_levels].
    • Publish the page.

Note: Membership Levels will automatically populate to your membership form.

Or, display member benefits in a pricing table.

Step 2 – Set Currency

  • Go to the Chamber Dashboard main settings page to enter Currency details. Defaults to U.S. Dollar. (Chamber Dashboard >> CD Settings >> Directory)

Step 3 – Connect to Paypal

  • Go to Chamber Dashboard >> CD Settings >> Payments.
    Enter the email address for your paypal account. Membership payments will be sent to this account.
  • Additional customizations found on the Member Manager Options page include:
    • Customize invoice header & footer.
    • Add a suggested donation amount to your membership form (this field is optional for the new member).
    • Include a processing fee on the membership form.
    • Collect tax from your membership form.

Step 4 – Save your Permalinks

  • Go to Settings >> Permalinks – Click ‘Save’

That’s it!  Your membership form has been created.  This form will use fields from the Business Directory plus the information you have just entered to generate your membership form.

To display the Membership Form on your site:

  • Create a new page – (Pages >> Add New).
  • Add the shortcode – [membership_form action="signup"].
  • Click ‘Publish’.
  • Add your new page to your site’s navigation menu.

You can now accept new member payments right from your website!

Set Currency

Go to the Chamber Dashboard main settings page to enter Currency details. (Chamber Dashboard >> CD Settings >> Directory) – Defaults to U.S. Dollar. 

Paypal Settings

Membership form payment options

The Member Manager plugin processes payments for your Business Directory.  Currently the only payment gateway available is PayPal.  If you’d like to use additional payment gateways such as Stripe, Amazon Pay, Authorize.net, Square, etc. – our WC Payments plugin may be a good fit for your organization.

Member Manager works best with a Paypal Business account with the Auto Return feature activated.

What fees does Paypal charge?

Tax, donation, processing fee fields

Go to Chamber Dashboard >> CD Settings >> Payments, scroll to ‘Membership Form Fields’ to display or remove the tax, donation or processing fee fields.

Here you can suggest an optional donation to new members when they join.

You can add a processing fee to all member payments.

And you can add tax to member payments if required.

Each of these fields can also be deactivated when not in use.

Additional Payment Gateways

Using the free Member Manager plugin, you will need to connect to Paypal in order to accept online payments from your site. Connect to additional payment gateways by upgrading to the WC Payments plugin.

Disable check payments

To remove check payments from the membership form:

  • Go to Chamber Dashboard >> CD Settings >> Payments, scroll to ‘Membership Form Fields’ and select the option to remove check payments from the membership form.
  • Be sure to save your changes.

Customize New Member Email Notifications

Email Notifications for Paypal Payments

When a new member fills out the membership form and completes Paypal payment:

  • A notification email is sent to the admin listed under Chamber Dashboard >> CD Settings >> Payments.
  • Paypal sends a receipt to your new member.
Member Manager Admin Email Notification

Once you have approved and published the new listing to your Directory, you may want to let the new member know that it has been published by sending them a link to their new listing.

Email Notifications for Check Payments

When a new member fills out the membership form and chooses the check payment option:

  • The new member is redirected to their invoice.
  • The new member receives an email notification with a link to their invoice.
  • The admin email receives an email notification that a new member has joined and opted to pay by check.


Display Member Benefits

Setup & display member benefits on your site

  • Create membership levels – With the Member Manger plugin installed, go to Businesses >> Membership Levels, to enter information about the benefits of joining your organization at each membership level.
  • Display member benefits on your website by creating a new page, adding the shortcode – [membership_levels] – and publishing the page.
  • Add membership levels to new member form – the membership levels you created above will automatically be displayed on your new member form and your renewals form.

Display member benefits in a pricing table.

Reorder Membership levels

You can order membership levels within the shorcode: Parameters are: name (alphabetical), count (the membership levels with the most members will be at the top) and priority.  To determine level priority, go to Chamber Dashboard -> Rank Membership Levels and drag and drop to reorder them.

Example: [membership_levels orderby="priority"]

Membership Levels_Fremont.com

Re-Order Membership Levels

To reorder your Membership Levels on both the Member Benefits page and the membership form, go to Businesses >> Rank Membership Levels.

rank membership levels

Capture Referrals

Referred by – How did you hear about us?

Capture the referral source from new members at signup by adding a referral source drop-down to your membership form.

  • To activate the Referral Drop-down List, go to Chamber Dashboard >> CD Settings >> Payments.
  • Scroll down to activate the Referral Drop-down List, enter options and save your changes.

The Referral Drop-down List will automatically be added to your membership form.


Add Mailchimp Signup Option

Email marketing is still one of the most cost effective ways to connect and engage new members. Start engaging your members right away. Add the option to join your mailing list right from the Join Now form!

Automate Renewal Process

Adding the Recurring Payments plugin to Member Manager, you can automatically send membership renewal reminders based on Membership Renewal Date shown in the Business listing. Setup automatic renewal reminders.

Membership Renewal Date

Activate GDPR consent

Update GDPR Settings

The Member Manager plugin includes the option to add a data collection consent statement and opt-in to your membership form.

To use the membership form consent box:

  • Go to Chamber Dashboard >> CD Settings >> Payments >> Membership Form Fields.
  • Check the ‘Show Consent’ option, update the Terms & Conditions statement as needed and click ‘Save Changes’.

Your members will now be required to opt-in to your Terms & Conditions before they can submit the form.

Find out more about making your site GDPR compliant

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