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Manage Orders

Add logo to order email

Member Manager Pro uses WooCommerce orders and WooCommerce emails to process member payments. To add your logo to your WooCommerce order confirmation emails, go to WooCommerce >> Settings >> Emails.

Scroll down to Email Template and add a link to your logo here.


Track Member Manager Pro Payments

All Orders

Using the Member Manager Pro plugin, you are able to track payments via WooCommerce orders instead of invoices. To see all orders for membership levels, go to WooCommerce >> Orders.


Paid Orders

Click on ‘Completed’ to see a list of orders that have been marked complete.

To export a list of paid orders go to WooCommerce >> Reports.  Select the date range you want and click ‘Go’.  All orders that were paid within the date range will appear in your report, which can be downloaded to a CSV (Excel) file with one click.

Overdue Orders

To filter by orders marked pending, click on ‘Pending’ toward the top of the order screen.

Step 1: To see a list of overdue orders by membership level, first add all membership levels to a category.

Go to Products >> All Products and add each of your membership levels to a category called ‘memberships’.

Step 2: Go to WooCommerce >> Dashboard. Scroll down to the Leaderboard section and click on ‘memberships’ category. This will bring up all orders related to your membership products.

Click on the number of orders for the product you want to see. This will show you all of the orders for this product and the status of each. Use the ‘download’ feature to export to CSV file.

Pro Tip: Order details for outstanding orders can be edited. However, once an order is paid and marked ‘completed’, it can no longer be updated.  

Overdue Invoice Reminders

If you are using the Recurring Payments Plugin, you can send an automated reminder email when orders are overdue. The plugin checks once a day for businesses whose membership payments are coming due within the time-frame you select and sends out a reminder email.

To set a time frame for reminder emails, go to Chamber Dashboard >> CD Settings >> Payments >> Recurring Payments.

  • Choose a time frame for reminder emails regarding overdue invoices.
  • Create a customized reminder email.
set recurring payments renewal reminders

NOTE: Invoices and emails are automatically sent to the email listed in the Business Directory’s ‘billing email’field.

Resend pending orders

If you find you need to resend a pending order to a member for payment, you have two options.

  • Go to WooCommerce >> Orders.
  • Open the order.
  • Check to be sure the order is displaying the correct billing information:
    1. Enter a Note to the member and click the ‘Add’ button, OR
    2. Choose the ‘Email Invoice’ action and click ‘Update’.
Enter a Note
Add a note to pending order to resend to member

click on image to see details

Email Invoice
Resend order

click on image to see details

NOTE: The Business must be connected to the People record, which must be connected to the WordPress user. If the correct Business/billing information is not showing on the order, the easiest option is to use the renewal form to recreate the order before re-sending. (Delete the old order)

Print Paid Order

Member Printed Orders

Using the Member Manager Pro and WooCommerce plugin, when a new member joins your organization using the membership form, a new user account is created on your site. The member must login to pay their order. Orders are then added to the member’s WooCommerce account page which they can login to see or print any time.

Setup WC Account Page for Members

To set up a WooCommerce account page for your members where your members can see their all of their membership renewal payments:

First, go to WooCommerce >> Settings >> Advanced – NOTE: Depending on when you installed WooCommerce, an Account(s) or My Account page may have been automatically setup during the installation process.

Check to make sure the WC Account page is mapped to ‘My account page’ and save your changes.

WooCommerce my account page, WordPress payment plugin

If you do not already have an Accounts page:

Create a new WordPress page
  • Go to Pages >> Add New.
  • Create a new page called Accounts, add the WooCommerce account shortcode [woocommerce_my_account] and publish the page.
  • Return to WooCommerce >> Settings >> Advanced and set ‘My Account Page’ to your new page.
  • Be sure to save your changes!

Your members can now visit the account page to view and print their orders anytime.

Manually Mark Order Paid

Order status can be manually updated as paid. For example, you will need to manually update orders that are paid by check.

NOTE: When you mark an order as paid, the corresponding invoice will be marked paid as well.

Staff workflows

Recommended staff / admin workflows.

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