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Membership Renewals

Display Renewal Form

To display your renewal form on your website create a new page and use the shortcode – [membership_form action="renewal"]

You can now email a link to the renewal form page to your members, which makes renewing their membership as easy as clicking on the link!

NOTE: Changes to the Business information via the renewal form will be stored under billing information.

How the Renewal Form Works

WordPress Membership Payment System, online renewals

Membership Renewal Date

To automatically update the Membership Renewal Date in the Business record simply process all new and renewal payments using the new member or renewal form. When payment is completed, the Membership Renewal Date will be updated as part of the process.

Membership Renewal Date

Automate Renewal Process

Adding the Recurring Payments plugin to Member Manager, you can automatically send membership renewal reminders based on Membership Renewal Date.

Setup automatic renewal reminders

Manually Create Orders

We do not recommend manually creating orders. When a new member fills out the membership form, an order is automatically created & connected to their Business. When a renewing member fills out the renewal form, an order is also automatically created.

If you do find a need to manually create an order, we strongly recommend using the membership form from the front end of the site to do so.

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